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During its May 19 meeting, the Leander ISD Board of Trustees approved a compensation plan, approved a petition to annex a section of the Larkspur subdivision, and started to prepare for the next legislative session. All of this plus celebrations around Student Empowerment!... Read more
May 20, 2022
The Leander ISD Board of Trustees approved a compensation plan for the 2022–23 school year that provides teachers, nurses and counselors with a 5-percent-of-midpoint pay increase and a 4-percent-of-midpoint pay increase for all other staff. The full raise will take effect in employees’ first 2022–23 paycheck. “Taking care of Leander ISD’s amazing teachers and staff […]... Read more
May 20, 2022
With their role as advocates in mind, the Board has started preparing for the 88th Texas Legislative Session in 2023.... Read more
May 20, 2022

Students of the Week

Serving a doubleheader, Reilly and Braeden Favacho are two fine fellows who might look the same, but they stand out! That’s why they’re Leander ISD Fine Arts Students of the Week! The two Danielson Middle School eighth-graders perform to the highest degree in multiple areas of Fine Arts.  Reilly loves acting and participating in musical […]... Read more
May 20, 2022
A remarkable competitor in and out of the classroom, Ethan Krause has earned the distinction as Leander ISD Student-Athlete of the Week!... Read more
May 16, 2022
Singing. Dancing. Playing an instrument. There you have it! Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Maritza Tomlinson exemplifies a trifecta of Fine Arts!... Read more
May 12, 2022