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Welcome to Block House Creek Elementary! In this Campus Connection, we're seeing students exploring in the most unique ways.... Read more
May 15, 2022
In this Campus Connection, Cedar Park Middle School students are leading the way and having tons of fun at the same time!... Read more
May 11, 2022
We recognize that meeting the transportation needs of our students was a significant challenge our #1LISD community experienced this school year. Driver and monitor shortages, increased traffic in our area, and an increase in ridership numbers caused multiple routes to arrive at their campuses 15-30 minutes late.  We have heard your concerns and continue to take action to improve. In 2018, a committee was formed to research and discuss all options to improve transportation and determine if there were enough minutes in the school day to meet learning requirements. Based on the committee’s work, a few changes were implemented in the Fall of 2020 which included: Adjusting the school start and end timesIncreasing the amount of time between each level’s start timeAdjusting order of school times to elementary school first, middle school second, high school last  The committee did review adding 45 minutes between each level, and believed it would provide additional relief to transportation, but they did not feel that the summer of 2020 was an appropriate time to recommend that change. With the new constraints that the transportation department has experienced over the past two years, now is a more appropriate time to implement the recommendation to... Read more
May 10, 2022

Volunteers of the Week

Melanie Lee is booking it to the top of our recognition as our Leander ISD Volunteer of the Week! Melanie has served as Stiles Middle School’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) Book Fair chairperson for the past several years. She clocks hundreds of hours preparing for and running the book fairs for students. Before the […]... Read more
May 27, 2020
A Four Points Middle School parent volunteer is considered a contender for sainthood! For her giving and selfless heart, we hereby declare Kelli Merchant Leander ISD Volunteer of the Week.... Read more
May 20, 2020
Recognizing Leander ISD Volunteer of the Week Gabrielle Riddell helps us show appreciation for someone who helps make teachers feel appreciated!... Read more
May 13, 2020