The purpose of health and physical education is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and maintain personal health, lifetime fitness and recreational enjoyment. The development of physical skills, interpersonal skills, ethical principles, safety habits and self-esteem are inherent to this program.

School Health Advisory Committee

Wellness Vision Statement

LISD is committed to supporting a “Culture of Wellness,” through the areas of nutrition, physical activity and fitness, and family involvement. We recognize the purpose of health, physical education and wellness is to provide students and staff with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and maintain personal health, lifetime fitness and recreational enjoyment.

By using a coordinated approach to school health, schools can promote, practice and coordinate school health and physical education in order for students to advance their academic student performance. This can be done through providing services that benefit the physical and mental well-being of students by establishing healthy-lifelong behaviors.

For us to reach our district vision that every student is encouraged, supported and challenged to achieve the highest levels of knowledge, skills and character, we believe that developing healthy minds and bodies are fundamental to successfully achieving this goal.

Off-Campus PE

In accordance with local district policy, a school district may award up to four high school credits and/or three middle school credits for physical education for appropriate private or commercially-sponsored physical activity programs conducted on or off campus. In LISD, students in grades 6-12 may apply for Off Campus P.E.

More information about Off-Campus PE

Human Sexuality Curriculum

  • Guidelines
  • Parent Workshops
  • Student Presentation Dates
  • Notification Letters and Opt Out Forms
  • 6th-Grade Puberty Curriculum

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FitnessGram is a health-related physical fitness assessment. The Texas Education Agency requires FitnessGram testing of students in grades 3-12 participating in any of the following classes or activities:

  • Physical Education
  • Athletics
  • Off-Campus Physical Education
  • Cheerleading
  • Drill Team
  • Dance (when used to meet the physical activity requirement in K-8)
  • Marching Band

Each of the test items were selected to assess important aspects of a student’s health-related fitness, not skill or agility. Students are not compared to each other, but rather to criterion-based Healthy Fitness Zone standards, carefully established for each age and gender, that indicates good health. More information on the Healthy Fitness Zone standards can be found on the Human Kinetics website.

LISD Parent Information Letter (EnglishSpanish)

State RequirementFitnessGram FAQ

Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH)

The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) program at LISD elementary and middle schools promotes the maintenance of heart- healthy behaviors in children and adolescents. The four component areas of the CATCH program are:

  • School Nutrition
  • Classroom Health
  • Physical Education
  • Family Health

More information about the CATCH program