Spring 2021 Update

Summer 2021 STAAR EOC information has been added to the High School section below


What scores are needed to pass STAAR EOC exams?

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) identifies four performance categories:

Green Ribbon

Masters Grade Level: Performance at this level indicates that a student shows mastery of the course content and is on track for college/career readiness.

Blue Checkmark

Meets Grade Level: Performance at this level indicates that a student shows strong knowledge of course content and is prepared to progress to the next grade level.

Purple Right Arrow

Approaches Grade Level: Performance at this level indicates that a student shows some knowledge of course content, but may need additional support during the following school year.

Red Exclamation Point

Did Not Meet Grade Level: Performance at this level indicates that a student shows a lack of understanding of course content, and needs significant support during the following school year.

K-8 Information

STAAR tests for K-8 students

  • Mathematics and Reading: 3rd – 8th grade
  • Writing: 4th and 7th grade only
  • Science: 5th and 8th grade only
  • Social Studies: 8th grade only

PACE STAAR testing

Due to the change in Math TEKS, PACE Math students will take the following STAAR in the spring of 2015:

  • 5th grade PACE students take the 5th grade STAAR
  • 6th grade PACE students take the 6th grade STAAR
  • 7th grade PACE students take the 8th grade STAAR
  • 8th grade PACE students take Algebra I EOC

Are 5th and 8th grade students required to pass STAAR in order to be promoted?

Yes, the Student Success Initiative (SSI) requires that students in grades 5 and 8 pass both the reading and math exams to be promoted to the next grade.

What happens if my student is enrolled in a high school course in middle school?

Middle school students who are enrolled in a high school level course required for graduation such as Algebra l will be required to take the End-of-Course (EOC) exam for that course. However, students in grades 6-8 may not be denied promotion based on unsatisfactory performance on STAAR EOC exams.

High School Information

Students take end-of-course (EOC) exams according to the classes in which they are enrolled. Middle school students who are enrolled in high school courses are also required to take the EOC tests.

The EOC assessments are listed below:

  • English: English I, English II
  • Math: Algebra I
  • Science: Biology
  • Social Studies: U.S. History

High School Testing Program Guide – English | High School Testing Program Guide – Spanish

Summer 2021 STAAR End of Course Testing

The summer STAAR EOC testing will occur at Vista Ridge High School during the week of June 22–25, 2021. All STAAR testing will be conducted in person.

  • Tuesday, June 22 – English I
  • Wednesday, June 23 – Algebra I
  • Thursday, June 24 – English II
  • Friday, June 25 – Biology and US History

English I and II assessments are 5-hour tests while the others are 4-hour tests. Students will have the full time to test, but may depart if the student finishes prior to the end of the designated time.

Who may take the STAAR EOC in June 2021?

Students who have:

  • completed one or more of the following courses: Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and US History
  • students who have taken an EOC and have not met the passing standard previously
  • students who were absent from one of the previous assessment opportunities
  • students who chose to not come in to the building to test due to Covid concerns

What does the student need to bring/ do in preparation for testing?

To check in, please enter the front of the building at the main office and bring:

  • student identification with picture
  • district laptop/device (students may not bring their own device to test)

How may a student review for an upcoming STAAR EOC?

Review sessions will be held during the week of June 14–18 via Zoom sessions. Please visit the Summer School page for more information and access the HS Summer STAAR EOC Review and Test Dates. We highly encourage our students to attend as many as possible to assist in their success.

Will transportation be provided for students for testing dates?

Students may ride the bus to VRHS in the morning, and if the student has completed the assessment by 1 p.m., the student may utilize the bus transportation to return home. Transportation routes will be posted in the very near future.

Special Population Information

STAAR will include additional test formats to accommodate students served by special education and English Language Learners:

  • STAAR Alternate 2
  • STAAR Online (with embedded supports)

Students receiving accommodations will take the general STAAR tests on grade level and be provided with accommodations directed by their ARD/Individual Education Plan (IEP), which comply with the guidelines from the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Special Education Students

The Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee will decide which State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) assessment a student served through special education programs should take. This decision is based on his/her abilities and eligibility requirements. Individual ARD committees will continue to consider the needs of each student and select additional accommodations and supplemental aids that are necessary to support the student’s assessment success. All students served through special education programs must have access to grade-level curriculum. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has established student eligibility requirements for accommodations.

TEA has established student participation requirements for the STAAR Alternate 2 assessments.

It is important to note that high school students who take the STAAR Alternate 2 EOC assessments will graduate under the Minimum Graduation Plan and may not meet the acceptance requirements for a four-year state college/university. However, students will be able to participate in other post secondary opportunities that will either lead them toward meeting the requirements for participating in a four-year university program or prepare them for a career/job that does not require a university level degree.

STAAR Requirements for English Language Learners (ELL students)

All ELL students in grades 3-11 take the STAAR. In addition, STAAR tests are available in Spanish, when appropriate, for ELL students in grades 3-5. These test versions are available to ELL students who have a maximum of 3 years in U.S. schools (or up to 5 years for previously unschooled asylees/refugees).

In addition to STAAR, ELL students also participate in the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS), a federally-required program that provides an annual measure of student progress in learning the English language. More information about TELPAS

English Language Learners (ELLs) represent a disperse group of students who know English in varying degrees when they enter U.S. schools. It takes a number of years for a student who does not know English upon entry to U.S. schools to become fluent and able to use English effectively and independently in academic settings. Therefore, certain accommodations are provided for these students. For each ELL student, the LPAC determines which allowable accommodations would be the most appropriate. More information about allowable accommodations for ELL students on STAAR and TELPAS