How does LISD monitor volume at its regional stadiums?

Our staff and crew want to be conscious neighbors with our households around the stadiums. We have heard concerns about noise and have worked to resolve these issues as best we can. While we welcome thousands of fans and students at many outdoor events at our stadiums, we have a system of checks to best ensure we adhere to acceptable noise levels.

Leander ISD partnered with code enforcement with the City of Leander to establish monitoring protocols and procedures for ensuring respectful and compliant volumes at Bible stadiums. We reached out and will work with officials in the City of Cedar Park.

Before games, the scoreboard crew tests the audio of the announcer and music played from the scoreboard to ensure volume remains at 85 decibels or less from the bleachers at the 50 yard line.

LISD monitors the noise volume outside the stadium at the most northern part of the property line to test the volume, with a target of 70 decibels or less. We partnered with code enforcement and law enforcement representatives to test the audio in some nearby neighborhoods and have remained within the legal limits for noise.