Once the baby is delivered, the student is entitled to six weeks of homebound instruction that can be extended to a maximum of 10 weeks, if the student’s doctor identifies a health complication for the student or her infant. This is a time of support for the attachment/bonding process between the young parent and the child. It is a time of healing for the young parent, and it is a time to complete school work, as assigned with the homebound teacher.

Prior to delivery, a student may also access homebound services if she has a medical condition that endangers the health of herself or her unborn child (documentation is required from her doctor).  Otherwise, students are expected and encouraged to attend classes on campus up to their delivery date.

The date of delivery is the beginning of the CEHI services. The days are calendar days, not school days. There are no CEHI services provided in the summer.

What to Expect

Two weeks before the baby is due, the homebound teacher will contact the student to set up a mutually agreeable time to meet outside of the school day. The homebound teacher is typically a teacher that the student knows and is from the school she is attending. The homebound teacher will establish a routine time to communicate with the student’s teachers via email regarding work completion, progress, etc.

Once a student begins homebound series, she meets with the homebound teacher four hours per week, usually split into two-hour visits twice a week.  Four or more hours of homebound instruction ensures five days of campus attendance.

  • 1 hour of homebound instruction = 1 day of campus attendance
  • 2 hours of homebound instruction = 2 days of campus attendance
  • 3 hours of homebound instruction = 3 days of campus attendance
  • 4+ hours of homebound instruction = 5 days of campus attendance

The homebound teacher collects assignments from teachers, delivers assignments to the student and returns completed assignments back to the teachers. The homebound teacher introduces new concepts, assists students with assignments, proctors exams and other items that are needed.