The safety and health of our employees and students is our top priority. In addition to the thorough cleaning of the office and school before employees and students return, the cleaning steps outlined in the COVID-19 Health Response Handbook are taken to disinfect workplace surfaces, chairs, tables, etc. to protect employees and reduce the risk of spread of infection. We will require employees to maintain this safety standard by continuously cleaning and sanitizing based on the frequency stated in the handbook.

Sanitation of classrooms and workspaces will take place throughout the school day and each evening after the dismissal of students. LISD campus and district leaders will provide appropriate signage to indicate a room that requires disinfecting. Teachers meeting in teams or visiting other classrooms shall wear facial coverings, wash their hands, and have appropriate social distancing. Employees are asked to sanitize their own personal workspaces with district-provided materials throughout the day, giving special attention to commonly touched surfaces.