Frequently Asked Questions

What do visitors need to do when visiting a school with a secure vestibule? 

Our front receptionists want to create a welcoming environment, while also maintaining processes for our student, teacher, staff and school safety. Please be patient as we implement this change to these campuses. In addition, please:

  • be ready to show your valid, photo identification when entering our school;
  • know the door to the reception area will be locked until our receptionist can check you in; and
  • wear your visitor badge when in our building and leave the badge with the receptionist when you leave the school building.

When will my student’s school receive its renovation? 

Leander ISD conducted the secure vestibule implementation at all elementary schools during the summer in 2016 and 2017. Voters approved funding for construction at all secondary schools with the November 2017 bond election. Secure vestibules at all secondary campuses were completed by Summer 2020.

What else is Leander ISD doing to keep school safe? 

LISD conducted an extensive safety audit in 2014 and 2015, which resulted in recommendations that this district has implemented or is implementing. 

  • For example, the report identified a need to have secure, single-point entrances at all schools, which the Board of Trustees funded for all elementary schools in the summers of 2016 and 2017 and voters approved for all middle and high schools in the Nov. 2017 bond election. 
  • The entirety of the audit is not available to view by the public for security purposes.

LISD took extra steps to add extra security layers to secondary schools without secure vestibules. 

  • In the interim, we recently installed an AiPhone buzz-in camera system at the front entrance of all middle schools. The system allows us to keep the front doors locked during school hours and provides a means for visitors to request access to enter the school.

LISD partners with law enforcement agencies to support all schools, including through a School Resource Officer program with nine officers working directly at all high schools.

  • Our SROs work with the Texas School Safety Center in San Marcos for up-to-date practices and protocols for schools safety. 
  • Additionally, the district hired a Director of Security in 2018, an experienced law enforcement officer, to serve as a liaison to the police departments.

LISD works to build meaningful relationships with students and maintain strong programs for safety drills 

  • LISD staff and students engage in continuous school safety drills. In addition to our staff and police officers, we utilize extensive camera systems to enhance safety.
  • LISD hired six additional counselors in 2017 to meet the academic and emotional needs of our children. LISD employs a behavior specialist and licensed specialists in school psychology (LSSP) to work with students experiencing difficult times in their lives.
  • Ultimately, our families and students are the best partners in keeping our schools safe. 
  • Our principals and school administrators investigate every reported tip or threat.  
  • We work with law enforcement and take quick and appropriate action, including notifying families, if there is a valid danger on campus. 
  • We ask all of our families and students to please share any information regarding school or student safety by either directly contacting a school staff member or by using our anonymous alert system for students/parents/teachers/staff/community members at
  • Relationships are critical to successful schools. 
    • We are fortunate to have world-class programs in Leander ISD to engage students and create positive, social experiences, including athletics, fine arts, academic clubs, PALS, and service organizations.
  • As we continue to grow, we thank you for your input and ideas. We will continue to explore, to collaborate with other school districts, and to find new ways to improve safety and security.