The primary purpose of student email is for communication with staff, outside resources related to school assignments, and fellow students to collaborate on school assignments. Personal use of the district’s gmail is permitted, providing that this does not interfere with or disrupt the school or classroom.environment. Use of student email will align with the school’s code of conduct and the code will be used for discipline purposes.

  • Student communication through Leander Gmail will:
    • abide by the Leander 10 Ethical Principles
    • be used productively; as a way of transferring work and communicating with students, teachers and/or other collaborators
    • occur when appropriate; teacher/administrator discretion.
  • It is the duty of students using LISD Gmail to:
    • keep their password secure
    • take responsibility for messages sent from their account, do not send messages that are abusive, threatening or illegal
    • report any unusual activities such as “spam” communications, obscene email, attempts by others to lure them into dangerous behaviors, and other inappropriate content to a trusted campus employee. Do not delete the email so that it is accessible to campus staff for review.

Be Gmail SMART

  • Secure: Keep your personal information private. Never share personal information (i.e. school ID, grades, log-in information, etc)
  • Monitor: Note your language and your intent.
  • Appropriate: Keep email content appropriate. Use your district email to send and receive resources; such as, photos, web links, and schedules. Do not share files in which you do not have legal rights (copyright).
  • Report: If you receive or observe an email you believe to be inappropriate or hurtful, please:
    1. Do not respond/reply to the inappropriate email
    2. Save the email
    3. Report it to a district employee immediately
  • Ten Ethical Principles: Respect yourself and others when using email.