All Instructional Materials will be selected using the district process in accordance with Texas State law, Texas Education Agency guidelines, and LISD Board Policy. Teachers will be instrumental in the process of review and selection for grade levels/course Instructional Materials in their area(s) of expertise. Parents, students, and community members will be provided multiple opportunities to provide feedback during the selection process. The Board of Trustees shall approve final selections for new instructional materials selected and ratify the district’s certification of instructional materials (EHAA Local).


  • September–October: Call for campus committee members
  • October–January: District-level meetings with campus members
  • November–February: Campus-level meetings
  • January–February: Gather community feedback
  • February: Gather campus-level feedback
  • March–April: Recommendation to Board of Trustees

2022–23 School Year

During the 2022–23 school year, Leander ISD will review the following subjects:

  • American Sign Language I-IV
  • Chinese I-IV
  • AP Calculus AB & BC
  • AP U.S. History
  • African-American Studies
  • Mexican-American Studies

*Because the State Board of Education voted to delay updating the state’s social studies curriculum until 2025, the decision has been made to delay the selection of new instructional materials for K-12 Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Financial Literacy until the new TEKS are adopted. Current resources will continue to be utilized until that time. Two new courses being offered next year, African-American Studies and Mexican-American Studies, have been added to the Instructional Materials Selection

Community Feedback

Material descriptions for each subject are listed below. The community feedback window for 2022–23 closed Feb. 24, 2023. For the 2023–24 school year, the feedback will take place in the months of January and February 2024. You can reach out to the Curriculum team through Let’s Talk if you have a question about the process.

Note: The feedback window was originally scheduled to close Feb. 17. As a result of the district closures in early February, we extended the feedback window to Feb. 24 to allow ample time for our community to review the new instructional resources.

American Sign Language I–IV

Title of Resource: Signing Naturally

  • Publisher: ASL I-IV
  • Course(s): DawnSignPress
  • Access Link: No link available must be viewed in person ONLY
    Available as hard copy only

Title of Resource: ASLDeafined

  • Publisher: ASLDeafined
  • Course(s): ASL I-IV
  • Access Link:
  • Username: LISD
  • Password: 123456
    Available as digital copy only. No hard copy

Chinese I–IV

Title of Resource: Go Far with Chinese+ Integrated Chinese (AP Chinese)

  • Publisher:
  • Course(s): Chinese I-IV
  • Access Link:
  • Username: leander-review3
  • Password: welcome12345
    Texts used for Chinese I-IV courses are Textbook levels 1-3, Level 4 is not being considered for adoption

Title of Resource: Discovering Chinese Pro

AP Calculus AB & BC

Title of Resource: Calculus Volume 1,2,3 

Title of Resource: Calculus – Early Transcendentals (3rd Edition)

Title of Resource: Calculus – Calculus AP Edition (12th Edition)

AP U.S. History

Title of Resource: American History: Connecting with the Past

Title of Resource: Fabric of a Nation

Title of Resource: America’s History for AP

African-American Studies

Title of Resource: African American Experience database

Title of Resource: African American Studies Course

Title of Resource: African American course

  • Publisher: Newsela
  • Course(s): African American Studies
  • Access Link:
  • Username: leanderisd23.student.2
  • Password: newsela
    Information Sheet
    Available as digital copy only. No hard copy

Mexican-American Studies

Title of Resource: Latino American Experience database

Title of Resource: Mexican American Studies Course

Title of Resource: Mexican American Course

  • Publisher: Newsela
  • Course(s): Mexican American Studies
  • Access Link:
  • Username: leanderisd23.student.2
  • Password: newsela
    Information Sheet
    Available as digital copy only. No hard copy

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