In Leander ISD, students in Grades 7–9 are taught Human Sexuality Curriculum through presentations by LifeGuard, an independent organization. 

LISD believes that sexuality education begins at home. Parents or legal guardians are the primary educators of their children and can be the most important influence on your child’s health decisions. The lessons your child will receive in school are designed to reinforce what a parent or legal guardian is teaching at home, not to replace it.

2021-22 Update: During the 87th Texas Legislation, a new bill (Texas House Bill 1525) was adopted that requires parents or legal guardians to opt-in their students to participate in Human Sexuality curriculum. Please see the Notification Letters & Opt-In Forms below to opt your student in.

LifeGuard Character & Sexuality Education

The purpose of the LifeGuard Character and Sexuality Education is to empower teens with accurate information and practical tools to help them make healthy decisions, build strong relationships, and (following Texas guidelines) fully experience the benefits of saving sex for marriage. LifeGuard is an independent organization. 

For LISD students in grades 7-9, LifeGuard Character and Sexuality Education Lessons are taught in blended environments that include both boys and girls. The topics covered in this abstinence-based curriculum are those found in the Leander ISD Health Matrix and in the Texas Health TEKS. All content has been reviewed by the Leander ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) and is grade-level specific and developmentally appropriate.

Participation and Parent Preview Access

  • Opting-In: Participation in the human sexuality curriculum is voluntary. Parents or legal guardians must “opt-in” their student for the lessons by one of the following options:
    • Complete the Google Form found at their student’s campus website
    • Return the signed parent letter 
    • Provide written request (email their student’s teacher indicated in the parent letter) 

Parent letters will be provided via district communication at least two weeks prior to each of the student presentations or can be found under the Notification Letters and Opt-In Forms below.

  • Previewing Curriculum: Parents or legal guardians will be provided two options to preview the LifeGuard curriculum documents and teaching materials.  
    • Request an electronic preview via the LifeGuard website (Parent Preview Request Form).
    • Contact their student’s school librarian to schedule an appointment to view a printed copy.   

To view more materials related to LifeGuard, please visit the LifeGuard website.

Parent Workshops

LISD will be hosting several informational workshops that provide an overview of the Character and Sexuality Curriculum presented by LifeGuard.

The LifeGuard parent workshops are designed to give parents or legal guardians helpful tips for communicating with their children (grades 7-9) about human sexuality, allow them to review the curriculum, explore statistics from health officials and ask questions of LIfeGuard and LISD staff.

For more information about these parent workshops, or if you have questions about LifeGuard, please contact Alicia Westcot at [email protected]

LifeGuard Parent Workshop Dates:

Student Presentation Dates 2021–22

Canyon Ridge MS

  • 7th Grade: Oct. 18–20
  • 8th Grade: Oct. 21–22, 25

Cedar Park MS

  • 7th Grade: Jan. 14, 18–19
  • 8th Grade: Jan. 20–21, 24

Danielson MS

  • 7th Grade: Feb. 2–4, 7
  • 8th Grade: Feb. 8–11

Four Points MS

  • 7th Grade: Nov. 3–5, 8
  • 8th Grade: March 24-25, 28-29

Henry MS

  • 7th Grade: Dec. 10, 13-14
  • 8th Grade: April 11-13

Leander MS

  • 7th Grade: March 22–24
  • 8th Grade: March 25, 28–29

Running Brushy MS

  • 7th Grade: March 30–31, April 1
  • 8th Grade: April 4–5, 7–8

Stiles MS

  • 7th Grade: Sept. 14–16
  • 8th Grade: Sept. 17, 20–21

Wiley MS

  • 7th Grade: Sept. 22–24
  • 8th Grade: Sept. 27–29

Cedar Park HS

  • Jan. 25–28, 31, Feb. 1

Glenn HS

  • Dec. 2–3, 6–9

Leander HS

  • April 11–14, 19–20

Rouse HS

  • Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 4–7

Vandegrift HS

  • Oct. 26, 27–29, Nov. 1

Vista Ridge HS

  • Feb. 22–25, 28, March 1–2

Notification Letters & Opt-In Forms

Digital Option

Please visit your student’s campus website below to access the campus specific Opt-In Google Form.

Middle School

High School

Paper Option

Please print, sign and return the following letter to the front office of your student’s campus to opt-in your student to the LifeGuard student presentations.