In accordance with local district policy, a school district may award up to four high school credits and/or three middle school credits for physical education for appropriate private or commercially-sponsored physical activity programs conducted on or off campus. In LISD, students in grades 6–12 may apply for Off Campus P.E.

Program Guidelines

OCPE program information, guidelines, and eligibility requirements. 

24-25 Program Guidelines

Application Process

  1. All off-campus PE student applications for the 2023–24 school year must be submitted via OCPE Form no later than 4 p.m., Friday, May 31, 2024. Please note that the form must be completed while the student is logged in on the Leander ISD google account.
  2. Student and Parent/Guardian completes the Student Application
  3. Instructor will be sent form to fill out based on the information from the Student Application
  4. District office will determine eligibility, run instructor background checks and approve applications. Notification will be sent via email to Student, Parent and Campus Counselors via the email listed on the Student Application.
  5. Campus Counselors will process schedule changes and communication with the Parent.

Student Application

The student application should be completed each year with all required signatures and documentation and turned in via OCPE Form by May 31, 2024 at 4 p.m. Incomplete applications will be denied and returned to the parent. No late applications will be accepted. Please note that the form must be completed while the student is logged in on the Leander ISD google account.

Approved Agencies / Agency Application

These agencies are approved to provide OCPE to LISD students. If your agency is not on this list or the agency approval is about to expire you will need to fill out the Agency Application.

Agency List

This form must be completed with required documentation if your agency is not on the list. Instructors must submit or provide a cleared background check every year. Agency Applications must be submitted via the OCPE Agency Application Form.

Agency Application

Attendance and Pass/Fail Form

Agencies must complete this form every six weeks. It is the student’s responsibility to turn it in to the Campus Counselor by the deadline listed on the form.

Attendance and P/F Form


What is Off-Campus PE?

OCPE is an opportunity for elite athletes who are training at a highly intensive, professional level to receive PE credit for their participation in the individual sport or individual activity in which they are training.

Who can participate?

Students in 6th – 12th grade who qualify, submit a completed application and are approved can participate in OCPE

What are the qualified activities for Off-Campus PE?

Activities available through the Off-Campus PE program are limited to activities offered by our LISD approved agencies.

How can a student apply?

The application will be available on the OCPE website during the Spring semester.  Please fill out the student application while logged into your google account.

When is the OCPE application due?

The application is due by 4:00 pm on Friday the week after school is out.

Can I do OCPE for a semester?

No, students are making a commitment for a school year.  If you drop OCPE, you will be placed into a regular PE class.  OCPE students are not allowed to drop OCPE during the semester to return to a school district athletic program, nor will school athletic program participants be allowed to drop their sport during a semester in order to enroll in OCPE.

What agency/facility can I use?

The list of approved agencies can be found on the OCPE website.  If the agency you wish to use is not approved they will need to apply before the application deadline.

Can I use more than one facility or activity for my hours?

You may only utilize one facility or activity to reach the hour requirement. 

Who changes the student’s schedule to reflect off-campus PE?

Students’ schedules are handled at the campus.  Please contact your student’s counselor for any scheduling issues.

How will I know I’ve been approved for OCPE?

You will receive an email confirming that you have been approved.


Questions about the process or pending applications can be addressed at the student’s school by the guidance counselor or Assistant Athletic Director – [email protected]