Author: Daniel Cernero

Attendance & Dropout Prevention

Regular and punctual attendance is the greatest single factor in school success. Texas Compulsory Attendance Law requires students to attend school regularly, unless otherwise exempted by law. It is the responsibility of...

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Student Freedom of Speech

Overview Occasionally, controversial political issues, elections, and/or religious and social issues bleed over into the classroom/campus, creating a distraction to the learning environment. PLEASE NOTE that this document is not...

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Grievances & Complaints

The Board encourages employees, parents, and community members to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with the appropriate teacher, principal or appropriate administrator. Concerns should be...

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Demographic Update

Overview The district receives an annual demographic report that predicts population shifts within LISD boundaries. This helps in planning for new facility construction and the balancing of staff and district resources. Archive...

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Leander ISD advertising incorporates the district’s core values, mission and vision into a customizable, multifaceted partnership program for businesses in the greater Leander/Cedar Park community, and beyond. Check out...

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The Leander ISD brand is an illustration of who we are, what our promise is, what differentiates us from other districts, and helps the community visualize our commitment. Our Guiding Documents are used to...

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Instructional Minutes

Why doesn’t Leander ISD increase instructional minutes to shorten the academic calendar? Overview The 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 2610 to amend the Texas Education Code (TEC), §25.081, converting the...

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mLISD: Internet Filtering

Overview The Leander ISD Information Technology team manages a web filter in order to support learning enhanced by technology, to keep students safe and to comply with federal law. Starting in Spring 2018, LISD began filtering...

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Gold Card for Senior Citizens

The Gold Card is free to Leander ISD residents who are 65 years of age or older. Membership benefits include the following: Free admission to Festival of Bands. Free admission to regular season Leander ISD athletic events held...

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PACE Language Arts

LISD PACE (Programs for Advancement, Challenge, and Enrichment) Language Arts is a program for students in Leander ISD who are advanced learners in the areas of reading and writing. The goal is to provide instruction to continue...

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  • LISD Celebrates Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week April 22, 2024
    From April 22-26, Leander ISD is celebrating Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week! During this week, the district acknowledges the hard work of the individuals who keep every corner of the district organized and running smoothly. Administrative professionals include campus and district administrative assistants, registrars, office aides, attendance clerks, bookkeepers, receptionists and campus techs. Be sure to […]
  • District Leadership Development Programs Celebrate 2023–24 Graduates April 19, 2024
    Congratulations to the participants of the Leander ISD Prospective Principal Program (P3) and Aspiring Administrator Academy (AAA) for completing these nine-month leadership programs. These development programs demonstrate the district's commitment to create a pipeline and opportunities for growth for those already in LISD.
  • The Compass: April 17, 2024 April 17, 2024
    Our students win competitions, travel to tournaments, make academic breakthroughs and reach new heights every school year – but can you believe that all of #1LISD got to share in the once-in-a-lifetime educational, scientific and historic event that was the 2024 total solar eclipse? We’re still over the moon about it. Check out all of […]

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  • Careers: Plant Services October 27, 2023
    We are hiring! Visit the Careers site to apply now. Like you, we’re thinking of the future when we can come together as a community once again, and to do that, we’ll need you!  HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Looking for a career change? Want to make a difference in your community? Join our Plant Services department and […]
  • Running for the Leander ISD School Board FAQs October 2, 2023
    How many members are on the Leander ISD School Board and how long do they serve? The Board consists of seven members serving terms of four years, with elections held on the November uniform election date in even numbered years. The terms of half of the Board members, or as near to half as possible, […]
  • Election Reminder for Staff October 2, 2023
    As election season approaches, it is a good time to remind everyone that school district employees are prohibited from using district resources to advocate for or against a particular candidate, party, or measure. District resources include our mail/email systems, as well as campus/classroom/teacher websites and social media accounts. Employees are free to support any political […]