How many members are on the Leander ISD School Board and how long do they serve?

The Board consists of seven members serving terms of four years, with elections held on the November uniform election date in even numbered years. The terms of half of the Board members, or as near to half as possible, expire every even-numbered year.

Where can I find information about eligibility requirements to run and serve on the School Board?

Eligibility requirements are outlined in Board Policy BBA (Legal).

Where can I find information about how to file an application for a place on the November 5, 2024 ballot for the Leander ISD Board of Trustees Election?

This information is available on our Board Elections page.

Are there any other forms that I am required to file at the time I file my Application for a Place?

Per the Texas Ethics Commission, all candidates must file Form CTA even if they do not intend to raise or spend any money for their campaign. Form CTA is required to be filed before a candidate files an application for a place on the ballot, raises or spends any money for their campaign, or announces their candidacy. More information about these guidelines and the form can be found on the Texas Ethics Commission Form CTA–Instruction Guide.

Although it is not required, many candidates also file a Code of Fair Campaign Practices (Form CFCP).

Where do I file campaign finance reports, with the Texas Ethics Commission or with the school district?

Candidates file campaign finance reports with the school district. You may file your report by email ([email protected]), fax (512-570-0048), mail, or in person during normal hours of operation. Candidates who fax their reports are encouraged to email our office at [email protected] to confirm it’s been received.

  • Physical address for filing applications in person or by common carrier:
    Attn: Cindy Anderson
    Leander I.S.D.
    204 W. South St.
    Leander, TX 78641
  • Address if filing applications by mail:
    Attn: Cindy Anderson
    Leander I.S.D.
    PO Box 218
    Leander, TX 78646-0218

Who do I contact with questions or for help with campaign finance reporting issues? 

The Texas Ethics Commissions publication, First Steps for Candidates Running for School Board Trustee, is a good place to start. The Texas Ethics Commission website includes links to many publications and guides to assist candidates, including a Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders Who File with Local Filing Authorities.

In addition, campaign finance forms all have associated guides to assist in the completion of the forms. For questions not answered in these guides, filers should call the Texas Ethics Commission at 512-463-5800. Because campaign finance laws are very complex, the Texas Ethics Commission does not expect or require local filing authorities such as school districts to be Title 15 experts. 

Where can I find information regarding Political Advertising? 

The Texas Ethics Commission Political Advertising Resources webpage has links to a number of important publications on this topic.

May I visit campuses to discuss campaign issues? 

Board Policy GKB (Local) prohibits candidates for public office and other citizens engaging in political activities from visiting campuses during school hours for the purposes of soliciting votes or discussing campaign issues. 

May I distribute campaign information or post campaign signs on district property? 

Per Board Policy GKB (Local), political advertising signs and campaign literature are not permitted on District property during working hours prior to the day of the election. Candidates and their campaign organizations shall not use the District’s electronic mail system to send campaign literature to employees. After business hours (4:30 p.m.) on the day preceding an election, signs and campaign literature may be placed on District property, in accordance with state law. Such signs and campaign literature shall not be attached to structures, fences, or trees, however, and shall be in accordance with provisions of the Texas Election Code. [See Board Policy GKDA] All signs should be limited to small yard signs and must be removed from District property the day following the election.

May I use the Leander ISD logo or mark for my campaign?

Candidates are not permitted to use the Leander ISD logo or mark for campaign promotion. Leander ISD protects all District and campus trademarks including names, logos, mascots, and symbols from unauthorized use. (See CY – Intellectual Property LOCAL POLICY)

Where can I find additional information?

In addition to the district’s Board Elections page, which contains links to many forms and guides, additional resources for Candidates are available at the following links:

For additional election information, please contact Cindy Anderson by email at [email protected], or by phone at 512-570-0016.