Exam for Acceleration

According to Texas State Board of Education rules, school districts must offer Examinations for Acceleration (EA) at every grade level and for every subject area offered in grades K-12. To help schools serve this mandate, the University of Texas and Texas Tech University Distance Education Centers offer a wide array of exams for grades K-12. Leander ISD uses these resources to ensure standardization and objectivity of the exams. Exam for Acceleration allows Leander ISD students who have mastered the content and skills of a particular grade level or course without direct instruction to advance to the next level so they will be more appropriately challenged. When given at designated times in the district, these exams are available at no cost to eligible students. For more information, please contact the campus counselors.

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Students who wish to take the higher-level academic classes that best prepare them for college benefit greatly from advanced-course preparation in middle school.

The Advanced courses that are available to Leander ISD middle school students include Advanced Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Language Arts and 8th-grade Social Studies.


LISD’s middle school PACE (Programs for Advancement, Challenge and Enrichment) and Advanced Mathematics Programs provides challenge and deep understanding for students who have shown a need for acceleration in the area of mathematics and prepares them for success in upper level mathematics courses.

More information about the PACE Math Qualifying Process


In grades 6-8, QUEST-G/T students participate in the QUEST-G/T Studies class. The QUEST-G/T curriculum is designed to provide challenging learning opportunities for identified students. QUEST-G/T students receive advanced instruction through an interdisciplinary gifted curriculum, utilizing gifted teaching strategies.

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