Current Leander ISD QUEST students do NOT need to be retested to move to middle or high school QUEST. Students new to district previously identified GT in another district will have records reviewed to determine need for GT services in LISD. Upon enrollment, the campus will review records and determine placement for the student or determine if further testing is needed. Parents will be notified of results from the records review.

Elementary students (entering grades K–5) at the beginning of the school year who are not previously identified will be screened on campus during the first semester with testing taking place in the second semester.

Secondary students (grades 6-12) may be referred for testing. There will be a winter testing window and a spring testing window for students referred for GT services.

NOTE: Students may only test for GT services one time per school year.

Spring 2022 Secondary Students GT Referral Form – Complete by Friday, March 24, 2023 to be included in the spring screening process. Those that qualify for additional testing will be notified the week of April 3rd and will be assessed at the end of April. Notification of results will be sent before the end of the school year.

Middle School GT Referral – Spring 2023

High School GT Referral – Spring 2023

Winter 2023 Secondary Students GT Referral Form – referral form and dates to be posted in August 2023.