The Texas State Board of Education requires school districts to offer Examinations for Acceleration (EA) at every grade level and for every subject area offered in grades K–12. LISD uses tests from the University of Texas High School and Texas Tech University Distance Education Centers to offer a wide array of exams for grades K–12. Leander ISD uses these resources to ensure standardization and objectivity of the exams. Students earning a qualifying score of 80% or higher will be accelerated to the next subject level (subject level acceleration only) or grade level (grade level acceleration only) in the year following testing.

Kindergarten Exam for Acceleration

Highly advanced kindergarten students who are currently enrolled in kindergarten in LISD can accelerate to first grade ONLY if they qualify through the Kindergarten Exam for Acceleration (EA) into first grade process.

Students will be accelerated into First Grade if they achieve a minimum score of 80% on the grade-level exam in both of the following subject areas: language arts and mathematics.

The summer testing window is July 30 – 31, 2024, and will take place at Camacho Elementary School. Registration is done with your elementary campus counselor. Registration ends May 31, 2024.

Exam for Acceleration Criteria (TEC and TAC)

Grades 1–5: Grade Level Acceleration Only

A student in grades 1-5, who has not received instruction at the grade level tested, must be accelerated (promoted) one grade if the student meets the following requirements:
A. The student scores 80 percent or above on a criterion referenced test for the grade level to be skipped in each of the following areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies;
B. A district representative recommends that the student be accelerated; and
C. The student’s parent or guardian gives written approval of acceleration.

Grades 6–12: Credit by Academic Subject

A student in any of grades 6-12 must be given credit for an academic subject in which he or she has had no prior instruction if the student scores:
A. a three or higher on a College Board advanced placement examination that has been approved by the school district board of trustees for the applicable course;
B. a scaled score of 50 or higher on an examination administered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and approved by the school district board of trustees for the applicable course; or
C. 80% on any other criterion-referenced test approved by the school district board of trustees for the applicable course.

Testing Dates

Exams for Acceleration test registration and windows are set by the district for students in grades 1–12. Tests must be taken and scores must be received prior to the start of the course to accelerate. Once instruction begins it is too late to take an exam for acceleration. To learn more about EA testing and to register for EA testing, contact your campus counselor.

Exams For Acceleration Important Dates

AdministrationRegistration WindowTesting WindowNotes
Fall 2023July 31, 2023 – August 24, 2023September 19 – 21, 2023Testing on campus. High School Course Exams for Acceleration ONLY
Winter 2023September 26, 2023 – October 27, 2023December 5 – 8, 2023Testing on campus. High School Course Exams for Acceleration ONLY
Spring 2024January 9, 2024 – February 2, 2024March 4 – 7, 2024Testing on campus. Grades 1-12 Exam for Acceleration
Summer 2024March 25, 2024 – April 26, 2024June 4 – 6, 2024Henry Middle School. Grades 1 – 12 Exam for Acceleration.

Out Of District Testing

Exam for Acceleration testing is available through UT for students in grades 3-12. Kinder through second grade exams are not available out of the district windows. Options outside the district testing window must be taken through UT and consultation with your campus counselor is strongly recommended prior to submitting test requests to UT.

Options outside LISD District Exam for Acceleration:

  • 3rd – 5th grade and subject area exams can be administered remotely through UTK16
  • Exam for Acceleration Order Form
    • Counselor advisement is highly recommended before submission
    • Families pay for exams outside district test window and for exam retests (only one retest allowed).
    • Email [email protected] to submit a CBE Enrollment Form or inquire about the CBE process for remote testing; the district is not able to assist with out of district test inquiries.

Exam Results Inquiry

Exam results are provided directly from UT High School. Additional information regarding exam results should be directed to UT High School:

  • Exams are eligible for inquiry up to 60 days after the date the test was taken
  • Credit by Exam inquiries are processed within 15 business days after the receipt of the exam from the proctor.
  • The confidential results of the inquiry request and the subsequent student’s information are delivered via email.

Exam Results

Scores are not official until the official transcript is received by the Leander ISD campus.  Counselors and registrars will receive official grade reports/transcripts and will advise families on next steps.  For grade acceleration, grade results must be received before the start of the school year to be considered for acceleration.  Plan accordingly.

Need additional information?

For grades 1-12, UT provides review sheets in a free online printable format, available even before students are enrolled.

FAQ’s Exam for Acceleration

Please contact your campus counselor for more information.