Revised January 2021

In order to cast the widest net possible in screening and identifying students for LISD gifted services, the following process is followed.

  1. In August of each school year, all new Grades 1–5 students are automatically placed in the nomination pool. Identification is a two-step process.
    1. Step 1: All students are screened using multiple measures of creative/divergent thinking and multiple measures of general intellectual ability.
    2. Step 2: Those students who qualify on any four indicators in Step 1 are then tested using multiple measures of general intellectual ability. These measures may include, but are not limited to, individual verbal and non-verbal mental ability tests, academic achievement tests, grades or other ability tests.
    3. Students in K–12 must qualify on two intellectual ability measures at the 95th percentile or higher to receive QUEST-G/T services. All screening and testing decisions are made by the districtwide QUEST-G/T Identification and Placement Committee.
      1. All members received at least 30 hours of GT training, including theory and administration of screening and testing instruments, and are current with the 6-hour gifted training update.
      2. In cases of a “preponderance of creative and intellectual ability,” the Committee may place students into QUEST on a monitored status.
      3. Placement into QUEST-G/T requires parental permission.
  2. Several screening dates are offered during the summer for Grades 6–12 students. Summer screening information is posted on the Leander ISD website and provided to all secondary campus counselors, registrars and office staff. **
  3. Referrals from students, teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents are accepted throughout the school year for Grades K–12.
  4. Screening for Grades 1–5 occurs during August and May.**
  5. Kindergarten screening occurs during January and May. Screening for Grades 6–12 occurs during the summer preceding the school year.**
  6. Transfer gifted students are placed provisionally within thirty days of transferring into LISD and providing GT documentation from previous districts.
  7. All kindergarten students are screened in January. Prior to this screening, elementary QUEST-G/T teachers provide a minimum of four whole-class lessons to every kindergarten class. These lessons provide common creative and critical thinking experiences.
  8. New K-5 students are screened in May.**
  9. Once identified, QUEST-G/T students are NOT re-screened or retested, unless they have furloughed or exited from the program.
  10. Furloughed QUEST-G/T students are retested or re-screened following the recommendations of the QUEST-G/T Identification and Placement Committee, based on individual student needs, performance, and history.
  11. In order to furlough or exit from the program, parents and students conference with the campus QUEST-G/T teacher and follow the steps of the furlough/exit process. Parents, students, or QUEST-G/T teachers may initiate the furlough/exit process.
  12. QUEST-G/T teachers offer campus teachers support in supporting enrichment for all students and in meeting the needs of QUEST-G/T students, including working with individual students, training opportunities, conferences, sharing of instructional strategies and collaborative meetings.

** May be delayed due to COVID