The Leander ISD Board of Trustees is elected by the LISD community to govern and set policy for one of Texas’ fastest-growing school districts.

The Board of Trustees creates the vision and goals for the district and selects the Superintendent, who serves as the district’s Chief Executive Officer. Together, the Board of Trustees and Superintendent form Leander ISD’s “Governance Team.”

About the Board

The members of the Leander ISD Board of Trustees are elected at-large. These dedicated volunteers are not paid for their service.

Patrons who would like to contact the Board and/or Superintendent are invited to “Ask the Governance Team” by emailing their questions to Governance Team. Letters to the LISD Governance Team are sent to the Board of Trustees members, the Superintendent of Schools, the Chief Communications Officer and/or appropriate staff.

Communication with the Board

The Leander ISD Board of Trustees is elected at-large by LISD parents and community members to represent them in governing and setting policy for the school district. As public representatives, the LISD Board of Trustees’ goal is to make decisions for the good of the greatest number of students. Community input is welcomed.

The Leander ISD school board provides a number of opportunities for community input:

  • The LISD Board of Trustees typically meets twice each month with a “Citizens Comments” period provided at each school board meeting.
  • All Board Meeting agendas are posted at the LISD Administrative Offices and on the Leander ISD website at least 72 hours prior to each meeting.
  • Parents and community members may contact both the full Leander ISD Board and the Superintendent in a single email via LISD’s Governance Team email account. Communications to the LISD Governance Team are sent to the Board of Trustees members and the Superintendent of Schools. When possible, the School and Community Relations Office will respond to the patron with additional information regarding their concern or request. Board members also receive copies of all responses to patrons.

Other Issues

Citizens wishing to express themselves regarding school district policy, boundaries, finances, or other responsibilities of the Board which have not been placed on a regular agenda are encouraged to use one or more of these alternatives.

  • Contact the appropriate school department.
  • Speak at the Citizens Comments period held during each school board meeting.
  • Email the Leander ISD Governance Team. Letters to the LISD Governance Team are sent to the Board of Trustees members and the Superintendent of Schools. When possible, the School and Community Relations Office will respond to the patron with additional information regarding their concern or request. Board members also receive copies of all responses to patrons.
  • Write letters to Board members c/o Leander ISD Board of Trustees, P.O. Box 218, Leander, Texas 78646.
  • Board members discourage citizens from providing anonymous information in any form, and, in general, will not act upon it.

Parents and community members wishing to contact the school board regarding a grievance or complaint about a specific school, teacher or child are encouraged to begin at the level closest to the concern. More information about how to complete the grievance and complaint process.

Citizen Comments

Citizen Comment time is an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board of Trustees. At Regular Board meetings, the Board will permit comments on agenda or non-agenda items. At Special Board meetings, comments shall be limited to items on the posted meeting agenda/notice.

Citizens wishing to address the Board of Trustees may do so in-person at the meeting location noted on the agenda. Citizens must sign up online in advance, following the instructions provided on the meeting agenda posting. For regular meetings at 6:15 p.m., the sign-up window will be between noon the day prior to the meeting and noon the day of the meeting. For meetings with a different start time, the sign-up window will be specified at the top of the meeting agenda. Citizens who need special accommodations or assistance with sign-up should contact the office of the Superintendent (512-570-0000) during regular business hours.

Citizen Comments will normally be held after the call to order, opening ceremony, recognition and communication/announcement agenda items and each speaker will normally be given up to 1.5 minutes to make their comments. In accordance with Board Policy BED (LOCAL), when necessary to accommodate large numbers of speakers and for effective meeting management, the Board President may reorder agenda items or adjust the time allotted to each speaker. However, no individual shall be given less than one minute to make comments. Speakers may not donate their time to other speakers.

  • Citizen Comment time is not a back-and-forth discussion with the Board. Under Texas State Law, Board members may not discuss, deliberate, or take action on any matter not properly included in advance on the posted agenda for the meeting. As appropriate, district administrative staff will follow up with you regarding your statements.
  • The Board does not allow the use of video, slide, or other electronic presentations. Written statements or supporting materials may be emailed to [email protected]. Messages sent to this email reach every member of the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent.
  • If your comments involve a complaint regarding a district employee or student, the Board respectfully requests that you refrain from referring to individuals by name. Specific personnel issues should be taken up with the employee or the employee’s immediate supervisor.
  • The LISD Board seeks to conduct its meetings in a polite, professional manner, and appreciates Citizen Comments being shared in a similar fashion.
  • Individuals will be invited to speak in the order in which they signed up. Anyone not present during the citizen comments portion of the meeting will forfeit their opportunity to speak.

Core Beliefs

As a public school organization, we hold these truths as our core beliefs:  

  • Each and every student is at the heart of our decisions. This requires a focus on students and all elements that impact their overall student experience in order for them to reach their maximum potential.
  • LISD life-changers (each and every staff member) should be empowered so they can inspire our students to own their learning.
  • Our LISD family, which includes our students and their families, life-changers, board, and community members, thrives when we ensure a welcoming, safe, and caring environment in which we treat one another with integrity, respect, fairness, and acceptance while appreciating our differences.
  • A deliberate and intentional focus on relevant and deeper learning for each student will optimize individual outcomes and personal growth.
  • Developing and maintaining meaningful, collaborative relationships between all our LISD family is vital for a whole child, student-driven experience.



The Leander ISD Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members. All school board positions are elected for four-year terms and represent the entire school district. Leander ISD residents who meet the eligibility requirements specified in Board Policy BBA (Legal) may run for any place on the Board. School Board elections are in even numbered years on the November uniform election date.

Board Meetings & Live Stream

The Leander ISD Board of Trustees typically meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Unless otherwise noted on the agenda, Board meetings are held at Concordia University, 11400 Concordia University Dr., Austin, Texas 78726. Board meeting agendas are posted at the LISD Administration Office and on the Leander ISD website at least 72 hours prior to each meeting.

Past Meeting Archive

Audio & Video Archive of Past Board Meetings

Live Stream

At the conclusion of each meeting, the recording will be available in the Video Archive.

Clear Bag Policy at Board Meetings

In an effort to improve safety and security, the district has instituted a clear bag policy for members of the public at all Leander ISD Board of Trustee Meetings. 

Bags that are permitted include:

  • Bags that are clear plastic and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags
  • Small clutch bags or purses that do not exceed the size of a hand

Bags not permitted include:

  • Backpacks, large tote bags, colored plastic storage bags, printed pattern plastic bags, fanny packs, purses, reusable grocery totes, mesh or straw bags, duffle bags, large totes, camera or binocular cases.
  • Diaper bags are not allowed. Items normally carried in a diaper bag must be put into a clear plastic bag for venue entry.

Community members with non-permitted bags will not be allowed to enter the facilities and will be asked to return the items to their car. For those in need of a clear bag, LISD officials will have a limited number of clear one-gallon zip close storage bags available at meetings.

Members of the LISD Board

For a districtwide staff listing, visit the Staff Directory page.
To communicate with the entire board, email [email protected].