GoNoodle is a free website for parents and students to use to become more physically active at home.

You may hear your student talk about GoNoodle – a fun website we use to move throughout our school day. Kids wiggle. GoNoodle gets the wiggles out, so we can keep on learning. GoNoodle gives us more than 100 physical activity videos and games – including dancing, running, jumping, stretching, deep breathing and more – and helps students channel their abundant energy. After we take a quick break with GoNoodle, we’re better able to focus on learning.


GoNoodle is great when:

  • We’re transitioning from one subject to another
  • We’re feeling stressed or anxious
  • We can’t sit still
  • We’ve had a great day and need a reward GoNoodle can help energetic kids get their wiggles out anytime,

It’s free for parents, too. In fact, we would love for you to use GoNoodle at home and have fun with it as a family, because we believe active, healthy kids make better students.

Sign Up

Steps to sign up for a free account:

  1. Go to www.gonoodle.com.
  2. Click “Sign Up.”
  3. Sign up for a Home account and start GoNoodling!