In Leander ISD, student reading development is monitored through ongoing assessments. The data from each assessment is analyzed to inform instruction, identify skills that need to be taught, and facilitate small-group instruction to meet common needs. A collection of formative and summative evidence is used, including:

  • Istation indicators of progress (ISIP),
  • running records,
  • student work, and
  • teacher observational notes.

This letter is to inform you that Leander ISD kindergarten through second-grade students are administered a brief screener of the foundational skills of reading three times per year in accordance with the Texas Education Code (TEC §28.006*). Additionally, this screener is utilized with kinder and first-grade students in accordance with TEC §38.003** to identify children in kindergarten (at end of year) and first grade (at middle of year) who may be at risk for dyslexia or a reading difficulty and/or a related disorder. This screening is not a formal dyslexia evaluation, but is designed to give valuable information to help school staff develop and implement targeted instruction.

Information on your student’s overall standing regarding the early reading instrument screener is posted on the report card at the first, third, and fourth nine-week periods as “district reading screener”. Additional information about your child’s ISIP scores can be obtained from your child’s classroom teacher or at using your student’s login information. If your child is identified as at risk for a reading difficulty through this process, you will receive additional information specific to intervention from your child’s teacher.

*TEC §28.006 – Reading Diagnosis

**TEC §38.003 – Screening and Treatment for Dyslexia Related Services. HB 1886 and Chapter 2 of The Dyslexia Handbook- 2018 Update