1. Eduphoria Helpdesk is open to receive any request for language mediation: translation of campus and district documents, Sped translation requests or language interpretation for meetings, communication needs with families – Spanish, ASL, and other foreign languages than Spanish.
  2. Phone calls to parents in Spanish are being provided in house. To request it place a ticket on Eduphoria Helpdesk. Communications with parents can be done via conference call, translated emails, Zoom meetings (see Zoom Spanish guide for parents, resource for teachers) or phone logs with information provided.
  3. Phone calls or interpretation in other languages than Spanish require also to create a ticket in Eduphoria Helpdesk first; once the ticket is received, an interpreter or agency will be assigned and the District Translator will provide the details to establish contact with the service selected.
  4. Please do not call previous numbers or codes provided, if you have not received authorization from District Translator to use it with a P.O. # per transaction. This instruction is to avoid billing issues between district and providers. Please note not every request is assigned to the same interpreter or agency.
  5. If you used a code or interpreter before to communicate with a parent, and if you need a second call to the same parent or same language, you still need to place a different request on Eduphoria Helpdesk to obtain approval and further instructions.
  6. District Translator will communicate the instructions, assignment or codes for languages requests once a ticket is received; be mindful to include as much information as possible to maximize the service with the interpreter once you have it available on the phone.
  7. Translation of documents to Spanish is provided using in-house resources. Please send your documents with your Eduphoria request. Avoid sending PDFs, please send jobs in an editable format and include your deadline, allowing at least 3-5 days for most documents not exceeding 3,000 words.
  8. Special Education: Specialized translations for IEP reports have a 10-15 days turnaround. REED and FIEs, approx. 20 days.

If you have further questions, please contact District Translator: [email protected].

Parent guide for Zoom users in Spanish