COVID-19: Translation and Interpretation Support

Services Overview

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Leander ISD is a fast-growing, multicultural school district in Central Texas. Our diverse population reflects many languages and cultures. Translation Services through the Global Languages & Cultures department provides translation and interpretation services to support our students and employees to improve communication, enrich the educational environment and effectively perform in their day-to-day operations and learning.

We offer translation services to multiple languages and interpretation services to languages such as Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, ASL, among others, on a needed basis for our school operational activities and in compliance with federal regulations such as: ADA, Title I, IDEA, and also for the vital areas necessary for the success of Emergent Bilingual students and their families.

To support our schools and administrators, Translation and Interpretation Services has a streamlined system through Eduphoria that makes it easy to submit your requests and guarantee a prompt response and completion on deadlines.

How to Place a Translation/Interpretation Request

Log in to Eduphoria with your district log in credentials. From the Eduphoria welcome screen, navigate to “Helpdesk.”

In the Helpdesk page, look for “Document Translation request form” / “Spoken Language Interpretation” /”Sign Language interpretation ”

  • Fill out a ticket
  • For interpretation choose date and time of meeting
  • Interpretation requests should specify if meeting or event is in person or virtual (please include Zoom link or platform to use)
  • Due date for documents
  • Choose language from the language dropdown box
  • Include all relevant information in the text box: contact person, place, phone number, Zoom link for your meeting, etc.
  • Please allow at least 5 days to place a request for Spanish and 7 days for other foreign languages to better accommodate your needs. ***Rush requests will be fulfilled depending on resource availability, please check with Maribel Hernandez, Coordinator of Translation and Multilingual Services at [email protected]
  • A response will be sent to your request and the document or interpreter will be confirmed on the ticket.

Professional translation services available for:

  • School and district forms necessary for parents, teachers and staff
  • Institutional communications
  • ARD documentation for Special Education
  • All other Special Education documents and all applicable federal laws and regulations.
  • District Handbooks
  • Student Handbooks
  • School catalogs
  • Dual language educational material and curriculum
  • Video scripts
  • Transcriptions
  • Website content updates
  • HR, benefits and administrative material for employees
  • Any other material created by the schools to benefit the student population.

Professional interpretation services available for:

  • District and school meetings when parents request an interpreter present – make sure to consult with your families what services they may need.
  • Parent – teacher meetings
  • Special Education meetings
  • OPI (over the phone interpretation service) for specific or urgent requests
  • All interpreters are contracted externally- to reschedule or cancel a service we require at least 24 hours in advance to cancel with our vendors.
  • For interpretation in Zoom further details will be provided with your request.

For additional questions please contact: Maribel Hernandez, Coordinator of Translation and Multilingual Services at [email protected]

Please note: We do not translate materials with copyright unless the proper author  permission has been obtained and verified by the department.

Tip: Avoid sending PDFs if you can; send the original work to help keep the right format and design.

Software and Platforms supported: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Illustrator, InDesign, Google Docs, eSped (for the Special Education department only).

Interpretation Meetings

Interpreters are assigned for school meetings when requested by a campus/department, for situations such as: ARD meetings, 504, Title I, Counseling, Parent/Teacher meetings, Open Houses, administrative meetings that require an interpreter present. Please do not schedule an interpreter yourself. Instead, follow the same guidelines to request one through Eduphoria to ensure the service and assignment is fulfilled and properly documented. Please note, interpreters cannot be scheduled for extracurricular or personal activities – only academic/district sponsored activities.