The vision of LISD’s Young Parent Services (YPS) is to ensure that all young parents graduate feeling connected, empowered, and confident in making healthy choices for themselves and for their child’s future.

 The district supports our young parents and pregnant teens by providing:

  • Academic guidance
  • Emotional support
  • Current and age-appropriate pre-natal and child development information 
  • Parent and child health information 
  • Community resources

Students and parents can reach out to any staff member at their school, or the Young Parent Service Program Manager, Bonnie Hahn at 512-570-0338 or [email protected]

Parents as Teachers

Young Parent (Teen Pregnancy) Services are provided through the district’s early childhood and family education program, Parents As Teachers. Parents as Teachers is a free early education program for families who live within the boundaries of LISD and have a child age prenatal to five and are interested in learning the best ways to build a strong foundation for learning and academic success. Services are offered to parents of all ages in English and Spanish. For young (teen) parents and their children, these services are offered at school, at home and at the Parents As Teachers Center.

Teen Pregnancy & Young Parent Services

Pregnancy Related Services* for LISD students

*PRS Eligibility Requirements:

  • Pregnant student must currently attend an LISD school.
  • Pregnancy must be verified by a licensed medical doctor in the US, by a nurse practitioner or midwife, or by a school staff member.
  • Student has delivered a live, aborted, or stillborn baby, suffered a miscarriage or death of a newborn, or placed her baby up for adoption.

The district’s Young Parent Services team consists of the Young Parent Services Manager, Early Childhood and Family Educators and campus support staff. Each family and student will be invited and encouraged to be a part of this team in order to support the emotional, physical, and academic well-being of the young parent/pregnant teen and their child.

Meet the Team: 

  • The Young Parent Services Manager: will provide case management and service coordination to pregnant students and young parents enrolled in Leander ISD. 
  • School counselors: will set up the initial PRS* (Pregnancy Related Services) meeting to develop an individualized service plan that best meets the student’s overall needs.
  • School Nurse: will provide health services at each campus to support the pregnant student. 
  • An Early Childhood and Family Educator with the district’s family-centered early childhood program, Parents as Teachers, will provide support to the young parent through personal visits on a bi-weekly basis at the student’s campus. They will share current and age-appropriate prenatal child development and parent health information throughout the pregnancy, as well as, assist in obtaining services from government agencies and community service organizations that can support the young parent and their child, if needed. 

Compensatory Education Homebound Instruction (CEHI)

Compensatory Education Homebound Instruction (CEHI)

Compensatory Education Homebound Instruction (CEHI) provides academic services to the student at home or hospital bedside when pregnancy prevents the student from attending school and during the postpartum recovery period. 

Health Services

Prenatal Health Services

School Nurse

Health Services are provided by the nurse on each campus. Once a student is identified as pregnant, a general Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) meeting is held with the student and her parents to create an individualized service plan for the young mom to be. The school nurse is a member of the PRS meeting and can provide support and health related accommodations to the student at school.  

Parents As Teachers Nurse

The Parents As Teachers Nurse can meet with each student, if requested, to answer prenatal health specific questions and general labor and delivery process questions.  

Ongoing Family Health Services

School Nurse

  • Provide postpartum support and medical help as needed or connect her with other medical resources, if necessary.
  • Assist breastfeeding young parents by providing a private area at school for the young parent to pump breast milk. Breast milk will be stored in a cooler provided by the student in the clinic. 

Parents As Teachers Nurse

  • Administer annual hearing and vision screenings for the child as part of the developmental screening process.

Young Parenting Education and Parents as Teachers

Young Parent Services provides parenting education through individual visits, group classes and family events through LISD Parents As Teachers.

Individualized Visits

Young parents will meet one on one with a Parent Educator on a biweekly basis. There are English and Spanish speaking Parent Educators. The visits can continue until the young child enrolls in a public school, as long as the parents continue to live within the boundaries of our district.

Book Bag Program

At every visit, the Early Childhood and Family home visitor will leave a bag with a book for each family to use to read with the child. Research tells us how important it is in a child’s life to be a good reader… educationally, socially, emotionally, and eventually professionally. Parents can change a child’s life by reading to him/her every day. We want to support families in this important endeavor by providing them with fun books to connect, engage, and learn along with each child.

Group Classes

Early childhood class

Click on the links below for English program description and Spanish program description (for our young parents that have flexibility in their school schedule or have graduated)

Free Resources

The Swap Shop

(Infant, toddler and children clothing through 5T, maternity clothes)

The Swap Shop is open daily from 9-12 for you to donate or grab children’s clothing and items. We hope that you are able to utilize it by bringing gently worn clothes your children have outgrown and swapping them for clothes they need. If you are not able to make it during 9-12 call a staff member to set up a time to visit.

Lending Library

While you are at Parents as Teachers, come explore and spend time with your children in the Lending Library. We have books, toys, and games for you and your children to take home and enjoy together.

You may check out one book and one toy per childenrolled in Parents as Teachers. Please return the materials the following week to assure that all the pieces can still be found!

Early Head Start (childcare) 

Early Head Start is a free standing, licensed early childhood center located within our community. Early Head Start serves our young (teen) parents and their families by offering free, high quality, early childhood education for their babies through the age of three. This service provides teen parents with the opportunity to return to high school and graduate. It is a nurturing place for their children to grow, learn and develop and it is a chance for their family to build a positive foundation for the future.