Masterplan Redesign:
Phase 1 (Construction) & Future Phases (Design Only)

Project Scope

Built in 1984, the current home of Leander HS is the district’s oldest comprehensive high school facility. The school has been added on to nine different times over the facility’s four-decade history, most recently with the Science Flex Labs and Front Office additions in 2014–15. These changes to the site plan have resulted in a disjointed campus layout.

Examples of recommendations to create a better layout include:

  • Reorienting the front entry to the current back of the campus to bolster the image and identity of the school and to improve traffic flow [Rendering]
  • Redesigning the athletics and performance spaces to create a group of areas that can be sectioned off from the rest of the campus for security purpose [Rendering]
  • Bringing the CTE classrooms – currently in portables on the outskirts of the campus – into the main instructional spaces

Phase 1 of the Masterplan Redesign specifically addresses the Athletic area [campus layout] of the campus. This phase will be split into four separate sections:

  • Phase 1A – Relocating the utilities for the auxiliary gym and weight room additions. Construction estimated to start Summer 2024
  • Phase 1B – Addition of an Auxiliary Gym (to be located next to the existing Competition Gym) and a new Weight Room. This phase also includes security gates to enable the campus to be separated from the Don Tew Performing Arts Center and the gymnasiums. Construction estimated to start August 2024
  • Phase 1C – Remodel the existing athletic area. Construction estimated to start Summer 2025
  • Phase 1D – Remodel the existing Blue Belle dance space, auxiliary gym and rubber gym into a wrestling room, dance/cheer gym with supporting spaces and fitness center. Construction estimated to start Summer 2025

Band Practice Field Fence & Bollards

Create a dedicated marching pad, with an enclosed fence and bollards, vertical posts that serve as barriers in parking lots, front entrances or sidewalks. LHS is the only campus with a band practice field that is not detached from one of the two main parking areas. Enhanced measures provide another layer of safety protection for students and staff. 

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs will take place in specific sections across the campus to address leaks.

This is a combined project location with the Don Tew Performing Arts Center (PAC) Modernization project, which is located on the Leander HS campus.

Leander HS will also be impacted by the following campus-specific bond projects:
Baseball & Softball Artificial Turf
Career & Technical Education (CTE) MobileMaker Lab
Music Instrument Replacement

Project Status

  • June 2024
    The construction phase 1A has started, including the removal of furniture and interior demolition. Upcoming activity will include further demolition of interior structures.
  • March 2024
    At the March 7, 2024 Board meeting, Trustees approved Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) #1 for Leander HS Masterplan Redesign – Phase 1. GMP #1, in the amount of $3,387,955, will go toward equipment, services or materials that must be secured well in advance and early project startup needs. This project will have additional GMPs as it progresses.
  • February 2024
    February 9, 2024 we received our demolition permit from the City of Leander. Relocation of the utilities and demolition of the weight room will happen Summer 2024.
    At the Feb. 1, 2024 Board meeting, Trustees approved Bond Oversight Committee’s recommendation to increase the estimated cost of Phase 1 to include additional renovations that address security and access for public events.
  • The design team is meeting with district representatives to incorporate all needs of the project.
  • August 2023
    At the Aug. 24, 2023 Board meeting, Trustees approved the architect and construction manager projects at Leander HS.
  • June 2023
    At the June 8, 2023 Board meeting, Trustees reviewed an update from representatives of the community group that worked throughout the spring semester. Through four meetings, this group of nearly 80 members developed findings and recommendations for where to take the LHS Masterplan next. The architect and construction manager will work together to provide the design and cost estimates and will form the next steps for the LHS Masterplan.
  • December 2022
    At the Dec. 8, 2022 Board meeting, Trustees reviewed an update from Pfluger Architects, including plans to form a committee to shape the vision for the masterplan’s redesign.
  • July 2022
    At the July 21, 2022 Board meeting, Trustees approved Bond Oversight Committee’s recommendation to fund initial Design costs of the Leander HS Masterplan Redesign.

Project Details


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Estimated Timeline

Start: Summer 2024 (Phase 1 Construction)
Finish: Summer 2026 (Phase 1 Construction)

Funding Source

Project savings from the 2007 & 2017 bonds
Bond 2023
* Construction costs for phases beyond Phase 1 would be included in a future bond.

Estimated Project Budget

This project’s budget has been combined with the Don Tew PAC Modernization occurring at the same location.

Leander HS Masterplan Redesign – Initial Design: $100,000
Leander HS Masterplan Redesign – Phase 1 Construction & Design of Future Phases: $55,800,000
Band Practice Field Fence & Bollards: $250,920
Roof Repair: $375,000
Don Tew Performing Arts Center: $6,835,000
Total: $63,360,920

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) *

* GMPs cover construction costs only. The total project cost will incorporate design and permitting fees, along with furniture, fixtures and equipment. Additional GMPs are possible.

Note: The actual cost will be listed here upon project completion. Any money leftover from the budget goes into project savings, managed by the Bond Oversight Committee.


  • Architect: Pfluger Architects
  • Construction: American Constructors
  • Engineer
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing: MEP Engineering
    • Structural: Pickett, Kelm & Associates
    • Civil: Halff

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