Welcome to Leander ISD’s After-School Enrichment 2021! We are thrilled for your children to have the opportunity to experience classes from teachers and staff across our district.

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Course Descriptions

PreK–1st Grade Courses

Intro and Appreciation of Art for Young Learners: ***COURSE FULL***
Have a child who loves to create? Come join us for 9 fun, interactive, engaging art lessons that introduce your child to the basics of art using different mediums such as watercolors, pastels, pencils, markers, crayons, and more to gain a better understanding and appreciation of art.

Fidget and Sensory Toys and Experiments to Make at Home: ***COURSE FULL***
This club is designed to help you make tools, toys, and creations that will allow you to reduce stress, relax, calm down, and get the wiggles out- all while having fun! Each week we will make something new that is designed to be used as a calming, sensory, or fidget toy. Every week we will also read a story that teaches young kiddos that it is okay to feel a certain way and talks about our many feelings and how we can navigate them. Most of the materials that you need are found in most homes! This club will give kiddos tools that they can make that can provide a healthy outlet in hard times!

Under the Sea Art: ***COURSE FULL***
Come have fun with me learning about the ocean and creating Ocean Themed art projects. We will read books, draw, paint, watercolor, create sculptures and so much more! Some of the projects include an underwater scene, shark painting, recycled fish, sand castle collage, and many more.

Messy Art Hour: ***COURSE FULL***
When kids play and create, they often create a mess, but what a beautiful mess it is! Join me as we let our kids get messy! Messy Art Hour is a process-oriented art experience. Every week, we will start with a fun story and will tie in an art project to explore and the kids will love the messy fun we have planned for them!

Read & Craft: ***COURSE FULL***
If your kiddo loves books & hands on crafts this will be the perfect class for them. Each week I will read a book aloud to them, followed by instructions for a craft/ art. The supplies that will be needed, will be outlined on each Monday so that if needed, you can get them. However, most supplies will be basic arts/crafts supplies that may be found around your home. Occasional adult assistance may be needed depending on your child’s level of independence. This will be a fun way to practice fine motor skills!

Science Fun: ***COURSE FULL***
Why does a volcano erupt? What is a tornado? Can you make one at home? This course is geared towards young scientists that like to explore, create, and learn how and why things work. Each week we will investigate a wonder and do a simple science experiment related to it. Most of the materials are things that most homes already have and each experiment is short, easy and super fun! Each experiment will start off with a story…designed to get each scientist ready to learn! Over the course of 9 weeks we will explore volcanoes, learn how rain and tornadoes work, discover what happens when oil and water mix, make our own snow, slime, lava lamps and more!

Intro to Spanish: ***COURSE FULL***
A fun, Sesame Street style class to learn Spanish for English speakers. With songs, play, and lots of laughter!

Mindful Jam (PreK): ***COURSE FULL***
Mindful Jam we will, wiggle, create, learn, and have fun. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present. Mindful Jam will set the foundation for learning emotions and getting tools to improve self control, coping skills and focus.

Yoga soy poderoso: ***COURSE FULL***
Transporta tu mente a diferentes partes del mundo y deja que tu imaginación navegue mientras tu te conviertes en un ninja, un pez, un color, agua, o tal vez hasta una montaña. Haremos nuestros cuerpos, nuestros corazones, y nuestras mentes poderosos, tranquilos y felices.

I Am Mighty Yoga: ***COURSE FULL***
Transport your mind to different parts of the world and let your imagination flow as you become a ninja, a fish, a color, water, a flower, or maybe even a mountain. We will make our bodies, mind, and heart strong, calm and happy.

Watercolor the World!: ***COURSE FULL***
In this course, students will learn how to draw animals/ nature and add color using watercolor techniques! Each lesson will walk students through drawing the shapes and lines of an environment and/or animal and will finish with watercolors. We’ll create amazing works of art with subjects that are fun and exciting! Pieces will be simple with multiple levels of detail so all participants can be successful and have fun!

1st–3rd Grade Courses

No Bake Baking: ***COURSE FULL***
Each week we will learn how to bake a new treat using the microwave or fridge. No oven needed! Some of the best desserts and treats don’t even need to be baked! Learn how to make everything from Puppy Chow to Lemonade Pie to Fudge.

Culture Club: ***COURSE FULL***
Are you ready to explore new places? Then come join Claudia Culture and her traveling friends in the Culture Club! This unique and fun after-school enrichment program will transport your 1st-3rd grade student to exotic locations where they will learn basic language skills, recipes, and create/perform fun activities. Build a piñata! Create a mosaic! Learn to make Black Forest dessert! Master the fine art of eating with chopsticks! You can do it all in the Culture Club as we travel to Russia, Scotland, France, India, Egypt and more.

LISD Justice League:
The LISD Justice League will address conversations regarding equity, diversity, and social justice at an age-appropriate level for 1st – 3rd graders. The students will learn through picture books and discussion, as well as activities discussing race, empathy, and culture. Students will come away with concrete action steps to continue anti-racist work in their school and community. *Esta sesión está disponible en español también.

Fitness Fun with Coach Franco:
Let’s get moving! We all know it’s important to get exercise and keep our bodies active. Join Coach Franco each week for a variety of fun, physical fitness and movement activities. Are you ready to learn some new skills and get your heart pumping? “Fitness Fun with Coach Franco” is perfect just for you!

Learning Songs in Spanish: ***COURSE FULL***
Come along and sing some songs with Ms. Mora. We will be learning simple songs in Spanish. This will be open to any student who knows Spanish already, or would like to improve on their Spanish.

Spanish for Young Learners: ***COURSE FULL***
Hola Amigos! Have you ever wanted to jump start or introduce your child to a new language? Now is the time! Come join us for 9 fun, engaging and interactive lessons in introductory Spanish!

Mindful Jam (1st-3rd):
Mindful Jam we will, Move, create, learn, and have fun. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present. Mindful Jam will set the foundation for learning emotions and getting tools to improve self control, coping skills and focus.

Mad Scientists!: ***COURSE FULL***
Become a Mad Scientist and explore exciting experiments! Each week we will participate in three to four experiments using materials you probably have around the house. Some of our activities include building exploding volcanos, creating invisible ink, building catapults, mixing slime, making it rain, and so much more!

Watercolor Animals Inspired by Children’s Books: ***COURSE FULL***
Each week students will enjoy a different story about an animal character and then create a beautiful watercolor painting inspired by the story. Some of the animals include splashy sea creatures, a silly kitty, a colorful elephant, sweet polar bears and a dancing giraffe to name a few. Students will learn to draw using shapes and lines and use different watercolor techniques to create a unique painting.

Puppet Masters:
Are you ready to master the world of puppets? Then Puppet Masters is the class for you! Geared towards 3-5th grade students, Puppet Masters will teach students how to make a variety of puppets and a puppet theatre for performances. Tube puppets, glove puppets, marionettes, advanced sock puppets–these are just a few styles of puppetry that students will work with. Create your own fiery dragon or adorable pig puppet. Dazzle your family with a slithering snake marionette. Be ready to use your imagination and have fun!

3rd–5th Grade Courses

Drawing and Art with YouTube: ***COURSE FULL***
Each week we will be working on a different drawing topic using videos from YouTube but also your own creative flare! We will watch the video together pausing to make sure we are all on the right path and add detail at the end! It will just be a great time to sit and draw/color!

Mindful Students:
Do you want to experience more calm? Does improving your self-esteem, concentration, and decision-making skills sound helpful to you? Mindful practices have been found to help students in all of the areas listed above and more. In this class you will learn how to use mindfulness through literature, games, & activities to decrease stress and anxiety!

Watercolor Landscapes and Animals: ***COURSE FULL***
Come join us as we explore a variety of watercolor and drawing techniques to create stunning pictures where landscapes and animals are the focus. Students will learn to draw using shapes and lines and use different watercolor techniques to create a unique painting.

Baking Favorites: ***COURSE FULL***
Each week we will learn how to bake a new treat. We will learn how to decorate and make delicious many treats. Learn how to make everything from S’mores Cupcakes to Toffee to Cake Bars. Some recipes use cake mixes but in a different way! These recipes are always crowd favorites!

Computer Science Coding Club: ***COURSE FULL***
Do you love being creative? Do you like to problem solve? Do you enjoy working on the computer? Would you like to see your art come to life? Then Computer Science Coding Club is for you! Each week students will be introduced to new coding concepts and will have the opportunity to showcase those skills in the coding program Scratch. Students will create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters, and other exciting, artistic projects using code. Modules are self paced and geared for any skill level of coder, beginners and experienced.

Craft Club!: ***COURSE FULL***
Over the next 9 weeks we will be exploring some simple crafts that will come in handy for any occasion! The crafts will include friendship bracelets, botanical flower line drawing, wax paper book marks, flour-salt dough ornaments/sculpture, faux water colors, melting crayons, & yarn bookmarks! I will guide students on how to complete the activities and walk them through what they could do with the activity when they are done. This will be a great time for your child to get in touch with their crafty side!

Hand Embroidery Stitch Along:
This course is designed to teach the basics of hand embroidery. It is geared towards students with zero knowledge of embroidery. The course will cover the tools and techniques, including 6 stitches, and how to finish a piece. Students will leave with a basic understanding and the ability to start a self selected project. Join me in one of my favorite art forms that can go anywhere with me!

Fiber Arts: ***COURSE FULL***
Come join me in exploring with fiber arts. Fiber arts include art whose material consists of fibers including yarn and fabric. Some of our projects will include weaving, creating a Batik, yarn painting, embroidery and so much more!

The Leader In Me: 8 Habits of Happy Kids:
Welcome to the Leader in Me Enrichment Course! Based on the 8 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey created a process for our younger generation to follow to develop into the best version of themselves. In this 9-week session, students will learn about the 8 Habits and how to apply each in their daily life. Designed for upper elementary students, we will focus on understanding the foundation and best practices of each habit; in addition, we will learn how to begin using the habits in and outside of the classroom and finding the leader inside of ourselves.

Fitness Fun with Coach Franco:
Let’s get moving! We all know it’s important to get exercise and keep our bodies active. Join Coach Franco each week for a variety of fun, physical fitness and movement activities. Are you ready to learn some new skills and get your heart pumping? “Fitness Fun with Coach Franco” is perfect just for you!

Mythology Melting Pot:
Many authors and movies these days are introducing us to the ancient Viking, Egyptian, and Greek mythology characters and stories. Would you like to know more about them? Everyone has heard about Thor…but did you know that he had a wife named Sif? Loki, Zeus, Artemis, Ra, Bastet… and so many, many more!! Come and join the adventure! There are so many stories to tell you! Let’s build pyramids, make mosaics, recreate recipes of the time… but most of all, let’s have fun doing it!

Do you want to feel more confident? Most of us do! It is a skill that any of us can learn to do – just like we learned to walk or drink water from a cup when we were little. Once we practice the skill of self-confidence enough, it becomes a habit. That is what we will do in this class. We will create the habit of being confident in ourselves.

Logic Puzzles: ***COURSE FULL***
Do you want to become a better problem solver just by playing? Then, join me for logic puzzle fun. What’s inside the class: Each week, we will learn to solve new types of logic puzzles such as: Tic-Tac-Logic, Battleships, Sudoku, and many more.

Playful Puppetry:
Do you marvel at The Muppets? Are you perplexed by puppeteers? Then this is the class for you! Throughout the course, students will learn the basics of puppeteering, as well as create their own puppets to practice with! Learn how to craft and use a variety of puppets, including stick, shadow, sock, rod arm, hand puppets, and more!

Music Memory Club:
If you have a good memory, if you like classical or movie music, then this one’s for you. We will be looking at the biography of the composer and a little background on the song we will learn to memorize each week. Some of these songs you might recognize from movies or T.V. Let’s memorize some music with Ms. Mora.

One Ink Wonder:
This course will walk students through zentangles, doodles and other drawings that will utilize one color at a time! Students will learn how to transform patterns and shapes into creative works that are fun and eye-catching using only one color! The small details of each piece we create will make a big impact!

Poetry Fun:
Roses are red, violets are blue, and you can write poetry too! Come join the excitement as we explore turning the English language upside down. Learn some great techniques on how to write dynamic poems and to ignite your creative writing muscle. From Haikus to Cinquains, your child will learn to write a variety of types of poetry. So how about it? Let’s have fun together playing with language!

Healthy Living:
Welcome to the Healthy Living Enrichment Course! In this 9-week session, students will learn all about how to strengthen their mind, body and soul to become the best version of themselves in this new year. Designed for upper elementary students, we will focus on sharpening new skills and making way for thoughts through the practice of meditation. We will also nourish our bodies by learning the best practices for physical exercise as well as some learning about nutrition. We will spend the last three weeks on how to grow our soul by looking at ways around us we can give back and even giving back to ourselves by keeping a gratitude journal. I hope you will join me on this journey of growth and self-fulfillment.

American Sign Language: Signs & Conversations: ***COURSE FULL***
Welcome to the American Sign Language Enrichment Course! ASL is an amazing language and form of communication for children and adults to learn and use. In this 9-week session, students will learn the basic alphabet, common signs, and casual conversations. Designed for upper elementary students, we will focus on understanding the foundation of ASL and what makes the language so unique; in addition, we will learn how to hold conversations utilizing the importance of facial language and blending words to create meaning.

Reading & Art Class: ***COURSE FULL***
We will be reading 9 of the Best Bluebonnet Books of 2021 and making crafts that are beautiful, diverse, meaningful, and most of all, fun. A great class to take if your child wants to participate in the Bluebonnet competition next year, and in the course they will be exposed to great, award winning, new literature that has inspiring messages. They will have multiple choices on projects they can create based on each story and have step by step instruction. You’ll be so surprised what you can make with a little imagination!

Scholarship Information

Scholarships for supplies are available for qualifying students. Scholarship applications must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on January 22, 2021.