Remote Conferencing is a separate Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved program from our own RLP. Remote conferencing will be used if we need to temporarily close a classroom or school grade level due to COVID-19.

Leander ISD will offer a remote learning option in 2022–23 for kindergarten through 8th grade. Visit the Virtual Learning Academy page for more information and the application, open May 1–31, 2022.

Leander ISD is funding a Remote Learning Program for 300 participants PK-12 for the 2021-2022 school year. On August 13, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved opening the program for nine weeks to students K-6 who were on the waitlist for the remote learning program. 

Frequently Asked Questions: High School families

Some Leander ISD webpages indicate that there was not enough interest in a Remote Learning Program. Is this true?

When we surveyed the community in the spring of last school year, the response rate indicating the desire for virtual learning was very low.  However, since that time, interest has dramatically and quickly increased and prompted the launch of our K-12 RLP.  Please disregard any outdated information, and we are hard at work to ensure that a unified message is going out to our community.

Will my child be able to participate in extracurricular school activities?

The intent of the Remote Learning Program is to meet the individual needs of families due to health or safety reasons as they relate to the pandemic. Students in attendance to the Remote Learning Program will not attend campuses for courses, and therefore, not participate in activities such as band, athletics, etc. However, all families and students are more than welcome to attend LISD events open to the public if you choose, such as shows and sporting events.

I received notification that my child has been accepted into the Remote Learning Program, but I received a schedule from their home High School Campus. What do I need to do?

There is nothing for you to do. High Schools are busy at work preparing schedules and balancing classes for all students, and your child will receive an updated schedule in the coming days to reflect their courses within our RLP.

How will instruction be provided to students?

High School RLP students will receive instruction via Edgenuity for their selected courses. Edgenuity presents the course by units, with instruction occurring through recorded lessons by teachers, followed with practice of the skills, and a quiz before moving on to the next topic. At the end of a specific unit, a test will be presented to the student covering the content from the unit. Students are allowed to work at their own pace, but will receive guidance from teaching staff to ensure staying on target in all courses.

What courses will be available to my child?

Unlike last year during the hybrid learning model, students will not have access to all courses as available through LISD.  Students will not have access to athletic programs (outside of PE), band or advanced academics.  We are currently seeking additional staffing opportunities to possibly add in limited CTE course offerings. Note: Course credit gained through the LISD Remote Learning Program will not be accepted by the NCAA clearinghouse for collegiate sports. More information can be found on the NCAA’s Eligibility Center website.

May I get a list of the available courses for my child?

Why aren’t advanced courses offered?

Due to the size of the Remote Learning Program, we are unable to offer all courses available at our comprehensive campuses. The course offerings represent the most needed courses by students according to their grade level.

What if we elect to cancel my families’ enrollment in the LISD High School Remote Learning Program?

If you desire to pursue a different option for the upcoming year (e.g. returning to traditional campus), please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. Along with your information, please include your child’s name and ID number.