There’s no shortage of interest in starting an orchestra program in Leander ISD. The district’s award-winning fine arts programs are routinely among the best in the state and nation, and interest in orchestra is to be expected.

The process:

Leander ISD has a Program Advisory Committee made up of parents, community members, teachers and administrators that explores a range of possibilities for the expansion of opportunities for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The committee examines costs, researches implementation and brings a prioritized list to the Board.

Questions to consider when adding an orchestra program:

Leander ISD only has so many funds available to us, so the PAC will have to answer several questions in assessing when the time is right to add an orchestra program:

  • How many students will benefit?
  • What are the costs to start a program and maintain it?
  • What are the staffing consideration and the space requirements?
  • How would it be implemented and in what time frame?
  • How do we implement a program equitably in a diverse district that spans 200 square miles?

The challenge with orchestra is the upfront investment to begin a program from scratch. There are course additions, staffing, space allocation and an equity component to consider as well.

Please know that LISD staff, administration and the Board of Trustees understand the interest in an orchestra program from our community. LISD look forward to working together to expand innovative and exciting programs so that all students have a place to thrive and a place to belong.