Why I Lead in LISD

I feel challenged as a professional here. I always feel pushed to grow myself professionally and to be the best I can be.

Angela Hodges
LISD Area Superintendent

The support system and culture of our district is like no other. The dedicated focus on student learning, the continuous improvement mindset and the opportunities we provide for ALL students to be included and successful is why I am here.

Kimberly Waltmon
Asst. Superintendent, Special Programs & Services

We are a district that focuses on ensuring that all students, regardless of background, will succeed academically and socially. We look inward to find solutions to problems and work as a cohesive unit in fulfilling our mission.

Chris Simpson
Principal, Leander High School

I chose to lead in LISD because of the positive culture for kids and the priority to develop everyone as leaders. The strong district support for campuses and the alignment of beliefs focused on student learning attracted me to lead in Leander ISD.

Paige Collier
Principal, Reed Elementary School

Belief Statement

Only through a full commitment to developing the leadership capacity of campus administrators will we be able to ensure that each campus will effectively establish a clear focus, manage change, and create a purposeful learning community needed to reach our shared vision.

Vision of a Highly Effective
Campus Leader

A campus leader who is willing to be challenged and is passionate about ensuring that every student, regardless of socioeconomics and demographics, every day will have every option open to reach their full potential by developing a learning community that works collaboratively to impact student learning.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Aspiring Leader Program:
Partnership with Concordia University

Aspiring Leader Program

Through a unique partnership between Concordia University Texas and Leander Independent School District, high potential LISD teachers have the opportunity to earn their Master of Education degree with a specialization in Educational Administration. Unlike other programs, the LISD Aspiring Leader curriculum offers district-specific coursework, preparing students to advance in their careers with a distinctly LISD-oriented approach. Classes are held in the evenings and/or weekends at Cedar Park High School and taught by Concordia professors and Leander ISD district and campus administrators.

Aspiring Administrator Academy

Aspiring Administrator Academy

The Aspiring Administrator Academy is designed for current Leander ISD staff committed to developing their leadership skills in preparation of becoming an Assistant Principal. Participants must attend the monthly academy meetings focused on leadership development skills as aligned to the Leander Leadership Profile. Participants will engage in learning outside of the monthly academy meetings including, an action research project and implementing campus professional learning. Upon completion of this program, participants will participate in a mock interview in preparation for potential interview opportunities. Participants are not guaranteed a position as an administrator in Leander ISD, however, the goal of the academy is to develop campus leaders within our system.

Prospective Principal Program (P3)

Prospective Principal Program

The Prospective Principal Program is designed to prepare a select cohort of experienced Leander ISD campus and district administrators to successfully enter the principalship. The program provides cohort members the opportunity to gain targeted, timely, and personalized professional learning with a focus on the qualities and skills needed to lead a Leander ISD campus. Course content is aligned to the LISD Leadership Profile with the goal of operationalizing the LISD Superintendent goal of “ensuring a world class workforce focused on student achievement by increasing leadership capacity.”

Ongoing Leadership Development

As educational research indicates, school leadership has a direct impact on student achievement. Thus, it is imperative that campus administrators continue to grow and develop in all facets of leadership. In order to support this growth, Leander ISD provides the following structures:


  • Monthly Leadership Meetings focused on instructional and operational leadership
  • Monthly Coaching from Area Superintendent
  • Mentor Program for New (and New to District) Principals
  • Empowering Leaders Summer Series
  • Principal Collaboratives
  • Service on districtwide committees to broaden understanding of systems and provide input
  • Continuous Improvement Institute

Assistant Principals

  • Monthly Assistant Principal Leadership Meetings focused on instructional and operational leadership
  • Mentor Program for New (and New to District) Assistant Principals
  • Assistant Principal Summer Leadership Retreat
  • Service on districtwide committees to broaden understanding of systems and provide input
  • Continuous Improvement Institute

Aspiring School Counselor Program

In an effort to support Leander ISD staff who are interested in becoming a Leander ISD school counselor, the Counseling Service Department is offering an Aspiring School Counselor Program. Interested candidates should be Leander ISD staff who have completed, been accepted, or are currently enrolled in a school counseling masters program. The cohort will meet six times each year, three times a semester, with the goal to support future counselors as they complete their coursework and field experiences as well as prepare them for the specific counseling needs in Leander ISD. Topics covered will include planning and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program, responding to the mental health needs of students, preparing for interviews and creating a plan to build relationships with all stakeholders as a new counselor. Participants are expected to attend all meetings which will be held from 5:30-7:00 pm. Meeting locations will be shared directly with participants. Contact Steve Clark or Bethany McPhail with any questions. Sign up here: Aspiring School Counselor Program

Meeting Dates:

  • September 17, 2024
  • October 12, 2024
  • November 12, 2024
  • January 14, 2025
  • February 25, 2025
  • April 1, 2025

Interested in being a leader in Leander ISD?