Classroom Interactive Panels & Collaborative Space Audio/Visual Refresh

Project Scope

Purchase and install Interactive panels, which remove cords and mobile projectors to increase learning space in elementary school classrooms. In all classrooms, interactive panels act as shared computers on the wall, transforming the learning environment.

Classroom instruction is being affected by old projectors that are not working or intermittently showing error codes. The installation of flat panels will replace all projectors in classrooms along with providing teachers additional tools in the classroom. 

Bond 2017 included funding to build Danielson MS (opened in 2020); Tarvin ES (opened in 2021); and North ES (opened in 2022). In these new schools, a “new standard” was created in which school buildings include interactive panels.

Bond 2021’s Proposition B passed, and with it funds for the interactive panel displays. Funds for the installation of the interactive panels and labor to replace all classroom projectors passed in the 2023 bond. Bond 2023 also included interactive panels or an audio/video refresh in collaborative spaces outside of the classroom, such as campus cafetoriums, campus auditoriums and libraries.

Project Status

  • October 2023
    Request for Proposal (RFP) launched to select vendor
  • May 2023
    Bond passes with funds to install panels, along with funds for non-classroom panels or audio/visual refresh
  • March–May 2023
    Committee, made up mostly of campus teaching staff, convened to evaluate features desired in an interactive panel
  • November 2021
    Bond Prop B passes with funds for classroom interactive panel devices, but without funds to install them

Project Details


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Estimated Timeline

Start: Spring 2023
Finish: Spring 2025

Funding Source

Bond 2021
Bond 2023

Estimated Project Budget

Bond 2021 – Devices: $10,440,000
Bond 2023 – Installation: $18,000,000
Bond 2023 – Non-classrooms: $2,200,000
Total: $30,640,000

Actual Cost

The actual cost will be listed here upon project completion. Any money leftover from the budget goes into project savings, managed by the Bond Oversight Committee.


To be determined