School Construction

Project Scope

Elementary School #30 will be located in the northwest part of the district near Devine Lake Park off of San Gabriel Parkway and Bagdad Road in Leander [map]. The school is scheduled to welcome its first class of students in the 2024–25 school year. When it opens, it will provide enrollment relief to Bagdad and Plain elementary schools.

In the land purchase agreement, Leander ISD has a clause in the contract that the school district will build roads as private drives with the exception of San Gabriel Parkway, a public street. When a landowner develops the surrounding the property, they will not be permitted access to the drives unless they pay 50% of the cost to build the roads, including any soft cost. Once they have paid the cost, the roads will be dedicated to the city and made public streets.

The roads will start during in the early phase of the school’s construction project.

Project Status

  • March 2024
    At the March 28 board meeting, Trustees approved the naming committee’s recommendation to name its newest school after long-time Trustee, Donald Lewis Hisle, who served on the LISD Board for 23 years before retiring in 2018. 
  • February 2024
    Road/site paving, electrical & plumbing rough-in, framing, and structural steel construction are all currently ongoing projects. Roofing dry-in phase has now been completed in one section.
  • October 2023
    Insulated Tilt-wall Panels and structural steel going up around the school site
  • June 2023
    Construction underway (including roads)
  • May 2023
    Held Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • April 2023
    At the April 13, 2023 Board meeting, Trustees approved Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) #2 for Elementary #30. GMP #2 – in the amount of $34,249,398, for a total GMP of $54,127,626 – is for the construction phase of the project.
  • November 2022
    At the Nov. 10, 2022 Board meeting, Trustees approved Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) #1 for Elementary #30. GMP #1, in the amount of $19,878,228, funded long-lead procurement items and early project startup needs.
  • July 2022
    At the July 21, 2022 Board meeting, Trustees approved Bond Oversight Committee’s recommendation to fund the school through bond savings.

Project Details


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Estimated Timeline

Start: June 2023 (Start of Construction phase)
Finish: August 2024

Funding Source

School Construction: Project savings from the 2007 & 2017 bonds
Roads: Bond 2023

Estimated Project Budget

School Construction: $61,120,968
Roads: $14,000,000
Total: $75,120,968

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) *

* GMPs cover construction costs only. The total project cost will incorporate design and permitting fees, along with furniture, fixtures and equipment. Additional GMPs are possible.

Note: The actual cost will be listed here upon project completion. Any money leftover from the budget goes into project savings, managed by the Bond Oversight Committee.


  • Architect: Pfluger Architects
  • Construction: American Constructors
  • Engineer
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing: MEP Engineering
    • Structural: Pickett, Kelm & Associates
    • Civil: AtkinsRéalis