The School & Community Relations (SCR) team works with media outlets to facilitate stories and information requests. We ask that our media colleagues help us minimize disruptions to the school day by coordinating with SCR when seeking to shoot video on or near our campuses. That way, SCR can help campuses prepare and be ready to answer questions from parents.

  1. All media requests must go through the School and Community Relations department.
  2. News videographers/photographers may not shoot video/take pictures on a school campus without the approval and presence of SCR staff.
  3. Shooting video from across the street from a campus is fine, but a heads-up is always appreciated. Also, please be mindful that pick-up and drop-off times can be stressful and chaotic. If at all possible, please avoid gathering video during these times.
  4. News photographers should ALWAYS have credentials clearly displayed on the news unit and their person.

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