Current Term

November 2018 – November 2022

Officer Position


Elexis Grimes


Elexis Grimes has lived in Leander Independent School District since 2007 with her husband, Lyle, and two sons. As a mother, she watched her oldest son, graduate from Leander High School, and continue his education at Texas Tech University. Her youngest son, will be entering High School this year. She remains very passionate about their education and the success of LISD. Grimes serves as a Trustee for Leander ISD in order to achieve academic excellence with a balanced approach to parent and community collaboration.

Grimes graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. Before moving to Austin, Grimes taught classes at El Paso Community College. When she was a young single mother, Grimes learned the value of hard work while going to college, raising a son and working full time. In her role as Trustee, she has actively sought opportunities to support other young parents continue with their education by advocating for programs like Acts of Love.

Grimes was elected among the other Trustees as Board Secretary for the past three years. Grimes serves on the LISD Long Range Facilities Committee, the School Safety and Security Committee (SS&SC), and the Legislative Committee. Grimes understands partnering with our first responders has a direct impact on students safety and mental health. She is passionate about creating safe and secure facilities that meet the needs of all students empowering them for deeper learning. Grimes has advocated for our nurses to be equipped with Narcan and to be partners in the community to serve our students in educating them against the Fentanyl crisis. 

LISD has amazing teachers, parents, and students in LISD, and Elexis Grimes wants to empower teachers to teach, parents to parent and students to learn.

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