Students enrolled in fifth grade math for the 2022–23 school year may qualify to participate in PACE (Programs for Advancement, Challenge and Enrichment) Math. This program was originally designed to meet the needs of elementary students who excel or show potential to excel in mathematics but is being phased out and replaced over time with Challenge for All. PACE provides opportunities for students to challenge their thinking by delving deeper into concepts, enriching and extending their mathematical understanding, and accelerating designated math skills at the next higher grade.

As our current 4th grade students are entering 5th grade, we want to remind our families that LISD remains committed to offering an accelerated math pathway in 5th grade at our elementary campuses for the 23-24 school year. We are in the process of finalizing the student qualification process for participation. Please reach out to Alicia Westcot, Senior Director of Math, Science, and Humanities Curriculum at [email protected] or your school’s counselor with any questions.

Following an extensive program evaluation in 2019, LISD is transitioning to a more streamlined pathway for advancement in mathematics. The implementation affects the 2021–22 cohort of third-grade students.


Current PACE Math Students (5th–7th Grade) 

Current PACE Math students will continue to roll up to the next grade level of PACE Math course unless there has been prior discussion of altering the student’s course selection for next year.

New-to-PACE for 5th–7th Grade 

Campuses will be looking at a collection of district and campus data, as well as teacher input, to make decisions about student placement in PACE. 

New-to-District Students for 5th–7th Grade

Students who are enrolling in LISD and have documentation/transcript from a previous school regarding participation in an advanced math course/program should be placed in PACE Math.