Leander ISD is committed to listening and working to understand instances of racial inequity and other discrimination in our district. We want to support our students and families by shining a light on the truth that racism and inequity exist in LISD and use this information to make changes for the better.

LISD Statement on Racism

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LISD is committed to listening, collaborating and progressing as a community. The ongoing conversation on how to serve each and every student in an equitable, culturally aware way needs many voices. A thriving, diverse district is not a destination, but a process of continuous improvement; and that commitment is at the core of the district’s identity.

Leander ISD Listening Sessions

As a district, we’ve received messages, had conversations, and heard from our Leander ISD families during Citizen Comments at Board meetings. But we know we can and should do more. Because we want to be purposeful in making progress, we are hosting 6 community listening sessions for parents, students, teachers and staff in February. We will present this feedback and additional action steps during an upcoming spring 2021 Board meeting.

Leander ISD Diversity & Equity Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Leander ISD Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee is to provide guidance to ensure equity and diversity within Leander ISD. We will work to affect change and support Leander ISD as we take action to eradicate racism, intolerance, and other inequities to promote a more diverse and inclusive culture for all. We will do this through three focus areas:

Policy and Practice

  • Develop framework that could be presented to our Board of Trustees for consideration and approval of a district equity policy.
  • Promote practices that create inclusive and equitable systems for our community with an emphasis on those who are most impacted by structural inequality and inequity.
  • Create a job description for a lead equity position in Leander ISD.

Professional Learning

  • Offer sessions at CIC conference that provide participants with the opportunity to begin engaging in discussions surrounding equity and diversity.
  • Continue to seek out additional learning opportunities for our committee to participate in and then bring this learning back to the committee.
  • Provide ongoing professional opportunities for faculty/staff within LISD; Create a series of foundational learning experiences for all staff.
  • Partner with surrounding districts who are also doing this work and consider hosting a conference focused specifically on issues surrounding Equity and Diversity provide ongoing professional opportunities for faculty/staff within LISD; Create a series of foundational learning experiences for all staff.

Community Collaboration

  • Continuation of community events to include listening sessions, shared learning, and collaboration on district equity plan.
  • Expand transparency to the community by creating a webpage for Equity and Diversity on the LISD website.
  • Collaborate with district and campus-based equity and diversity committees, including student groups, PTAs, etc.
  • Create a section in the LISD newsletter to highlight the work of the equity and diversity advisory committee.
  • Create equity advocates at each campus and district department who have a direct line to the district office of equity.