Leander ISD INOVA text over a classroom photo

The INOVA process helps support individual student growth. Implemented throughout the district, the INOVA system helps Leander ISD teachers see beyond a student’s test scores, track trends and develop individual success plans for each child.

The INOVA system is a data-driven analysis that connects STAAR test results with instructional and social skills interventions. By tracking a student’s past state test scores, projections are made about future STAAR results.

Leander ISD teachers and administrators then plan for specific interactions that will positively affect the course a student is projected to follow. Instead of a “pass/fail” mindset, the focus is on student growth.

The approach for one student’s improvement may not be the same for another. The INOVA process allows for complete personalization based on a student’s unique situation and needs.


How is my student’s information kept safe and secure?
Leander ISD has a contract with INOVA to provide analysis on student performance so teachers and principals can identify the best solutions. The LISD and INOVA partnership adheres to strict data-sharing practices, aligning with federal law.

What test is used to create a student’s INOVA profile?
The annual STAAR test is used to track past performance and predict future performance.

How does this initiative align with Leander ISD’s vision for serving the whole child, extending beyond standardized tests?
The INOVA process helps teachers and administrators focus on the growth of individual students by creating personalized success plans. Students learn and grow in different ways, so the approach to assisting each of them is equally unique.

What would an individual success plan look like?

A student's success plan may be as simple as a teacher "checking in" on a child, but other options, such as individual tutorials on specific subjects and leadership opportunities, allow for a wide range of assistance to students. These approaches are constantly revised as the student grows. 

Can I see my student’s INOVA profile?
Yes. Parents continue to have access to any information about their child. Please contact your student’s teacher or principal for their information. The INOVA process should lead to meaningful discussions about student growth among teachers, principals and families. If a parent wants to opt out of the INOVA program, those conversations will continue to happen. A parent can request that LISD not send their student's data to INOVA by submitting written notification to their student's principal.