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Uncharted Learning’s mission is to equip students with the real-world skills they need to say “I get it! I can do this! I know what I want to do with my life.” They help inspire them to discover their passions, strengthen their capabilities, and create their own futures.

These programs offer a unique and comprehensive mix of resources for schools to bring entrepreneurship to students. They offer evergreen, authentic, rigorous curriculum (both traditional and distance-learning resources), plus meaningful professional development and tools to ignite and involve your community.


The freshINCedu program provides a way for elementary students to be exposed to (and empowered by) entrepreneurship. Through the program students work in teams to develop a product, pitch their idea, and launch their business. The starting point for creation is reduce, reuse, or recycle which tends to inspire discussion and innovation around community involvement. The unit culminates in a pop-up marketplace experience where students sell their products. The classroom teachers collaborate with volunteer business professionals who mentor student teams, provide real-world context, and champion student efforts.
freshINCedu Campuses
Our freshINCedu campuses are:

Cox Elementary School
Faubion Elementary School
Grandview Hills Elementary School
Laura Welch Bush Elementary School
Reagan Elementary School
Reed Elementary School
River Place Elementary School
River Ridge Elementary School
Rutledge Elementary School
Steiner Elementary School


In mxINCedu middle school students work in teams to identify a problem to solve, create a product concept, pitch the idea, and iterate based on market learning within the e-commerce selling experience. Local volunteers from the business community mentor and support this real-world learning experience. This program differs from freshINCedu in the tools and lessons provided. Students take on more complex analysis and evaluation of product ideas. Through this process, students discover interest areas that can drive high school and even career pursuits.
mxINCedu Campuses
Our mxINCedu campuses are:

Canyon Ridge Middle School
Danielson Middle School
Four Points Middle School
Running Brushy Middle School
Wiley Middle School


INCubatoredu is a full-year course, and offers an authentic entrepreneurship experience as students build a business. Students make mistakes, take risks and learn to pivot. They develop their own product or service startup to gain investment funds in a final shark-tank style pitch event. Real entrepreneurs and industry experts serve as volunteer coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the processes of developing hypotheses about a business concept, testing those hypotheses, adapting, and continually learning and improving. Students leave the course having completed a Business Model Canvas, competitive analysis, financial model, minimum viable product, pitch deck, future communications plan, and future funding plan.

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VHS INCubatoredu
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Vista Ridge High School- WalkThru
*2020 National Winners* Awarded $12,000 to advance to ACCELeratoredu National Pitch

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As a second-year course, ACCELeratoredu provides students the opportunity to take a business from startup to launched. The experience models that of a real-life start-up accelerator with a focus on developing cohorts of teams through mentorship, education, connections, and accountability to launch a company. This course fosters the transition of businesses founded in INCubatoredu into sustainable, functioning ventures. Students work through major areas of content: legal & banking, customer acquisition, business processes, and product development, and leave the course having gained traction in the marketplace to successfully launch their company.
INCubatoredu / ACCELeratoredu Campuses
Our INCubatoredu / ACCELeratoredu campuses are:

Vista Ridge High School
Vandegrift High School


Throughout this mobile app coding course, students build working apps for Apple’s mobile devices using the language and tools of professionals – Swift and Xcode. Students experience an authentic workplace environment applying the methodologies and practices of real-world developers, and acquire skills around teamwork, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. The apps students build grow in complexity throughout the year, culminating in an app showcase, where students demonstrate an app they built of their own design.


MobileMakersStudio is a second-year course where students advance their Swift programming skills, and apply design-forward skills to investigate a client need and develop a mobile app solution. Using client management and development team methods from the industry, students grow their interpersonal and management skills, in a classroom designed to act as a working development studio. Students leave the class internship ready, having worked with clients to create and build an app from ideation to working app.

MobileMakersEdu / MobileMakerStudio Campuses
Our MobileMakersEdu / MobileMakerStudio campuses are:

Cedar Park High School