Students love our teachers, discuss web filter and dress code

Students love our teachers, discuss web filter and dress code
Posted on 10/10/2018

 Superintendent Column

Our students love our teachers, and I agree. Leander ISD offers the best teachers in the state and nation.

Each month, I ask students to share feedback with the superintendent through our Student Voice feature. In September, we asked students to share what they like and do not like about their school. We received 78 responses.

Of the students complimentary of their school, their feedback was regarding our teachers and the environment our world-class educators provide.

“I absolutely love what Tom Glenn High School is doing for the students,” one student wrote. “They have a great environment. The teachers are so caring and kind. The students are great athletes, and we have many great scholars. I love the school as it is at the moment.”

In describing our teachers, students often used words like kind, positive and helpful. As a superintendent, I love reading this feedback, because it shows the most important role of an effective teacher: building positive relationships with students.

Students sharing concerns touched on familiar topics, such as dress code, cell phone usage and accessing different websites and services we block with our web filter.

“Because of the no phones policy in all of my classes, I can't even plug in earbuds into my phone and leave it in my bag,” one student wrote. “Because of the district filtering, I can't access Spotify or Pandora... I understand there is ‘inappropriate content’ on these websites because of explicit lyrics, but there's nothing on that site we're not already exposed to.”

The Leander ISD web filter restricts access to profane and inappropriate content, per laws requiring school districts to prevent access to illicit content on devices owned by the district. This includes our laptops, computers and the wireless network. Also, we have to be cognizant of maintaining the bandwidth for instructional content across our network and streaming music can eat up valuable bandwidth for our classrooms. 

As we continue to place a high value on the voice of our students in Leander ISD, please encourage the student in your life to visit and find our October prompt.