Recognizing our ‘All-Star’ School Board

Recognizing our ‘All-Star’ School Board
Posted on 01/11/2017

Each January, we join communities across the state of Texas to thank those who have volunteered to serve as advocates for our children and public schools. School Board Appreciation Month allows us an opportunity to recognize these public servants for their dedication and willingness to work for the best interest of our rising generation.

While we and each of our campuses make a special effort this month to show appreciation to our Board members, we realize their many contributions represent a year-round commitment. Each member of our LISD Board of Trustees is voted into office through a public election and serves a three-year term. As these positions are unpaid, Board members voluntarily donate their time and expertise to serve our district. Even through my short time working with these men and women, it has been easy to see that their service is fueled by a desire to serve our schoolchildren, to give them every resource and opportunity to succeed, to strengthen our schools and fortify our district. Our Board members are parents of current and past LISD students, leaders in our community, local business owners and PTA members, each of whom brings a unique background to the table that helps ensure all our stakeholders' voices are represented. Regardless of their diversity, however, they are united in their motivation to see the students of LISD reach their fullest potential.

This year's School Board Appreciation Month theme, as selected by the Texas Association of School Boards, is “All-Star Team.” Truly, ours is a Board full of all-stars, each of whom has dedicated him- or herself to the enormous task of governing our large and growing district. I am sure many of you would be shocked to learn how much time and energy these men and women pour into their service. Every week they spend hours and hours—often early in the morning and late at night—attending district events; reading and preparing materials for Board meetings; representing LISD at community meetings; researching new developments in school funding and testing; combing through lengthy data reports about our students; testifying to the Legislature on our district's behalf and so forth. And all of this is done in addition to their normal work and family obligations. Board members shoulder critical responsibilities and often make difficult choices that require copious amounts of consideration and deliberation. They take seriously the responsibility afforded them to provide vision and leadership in their roles as advocates for our district, teachers, parents and schoolchildren.

With the 85th Legislative Session now underway, with LISD continuing to grow as a district of choice, with our staff and leadership regularly seeking out the newest and best practices in education, with the many other opportunities facing our district, we have our work cut out for us. I am confident that with the tireless work, selflessness and vision of our Board of Trustees, we will stay rooted on our upward trajectory. The guidance and governance they provide us, their commitment to standing up for our schoolchildren and their firm guard against anything that undermines our public schools is one of our greatest assets.

Please join me in expressing our debt of gratitude to our Board members: President Will Streit; Vice President Pamela Waggoner; Secretary Grace S. Barber-Jordan, M.Ed.; Trish Bode; Don Hisle; Aaron Johnson; and Jim McKay. You can personally thank the entire Board by email at or contact your local campus to ask how you can help with their appreciation efforts.