Next Steps in Exploring a Bond Election

Next Steps in Exploring a Bond Election
Posted on 04/12/2017

In Leander ISD, we work hard to keep transparency and open communication with our community. In like manner, I want to do my part in regularly updating you with the progress our Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) and its subcommittees are making in exploring LISD’s present and future needs. You may recall that our Board of Trustees formed the BAC in January to help determine whether it is necessary to call a school bond election.

The BAC consists of two co-chairs who head a steering committee made up of 25 members, and five subcommittees made up of a combined 130 members. All members of the BAC are volunteers who applied to serve in their capacities and were selected by the district to ensure representation of all segments of our district.

Our bond committee volunteers have been hard at work over the past several months, reviewing district reports and inventory, visiting our facilities and collecting input. Each of our school-level subcommittees has met a few times. They have been touring campuses to see firsthand what a 20-year-old performing arts center looks like, or the degree to which an HVAC unit or football field has held up, or how schools are utilizing their capacity, or how LISD is innovating materials sharing through our Science Materials Center.

The ancillary subcommittee has taken a deep-dive into our Support Services, discussing various transportation needs and examining our materials management operations, facility maintenance and energy efficiency efforts. The technology subcommittee has had much to research, meeting weekly for the past six weeks to tour our technology facility and meet with principals, staff development professionals, librarians and parents to get a better idea of the vision and use of technology in learning.

These subcommittees will continue meeting this month to collect information and assess needs. Once finished, they will draft a three- to five-year plan to meet the needs of their respective areas, which will be shared with the steering committee to help them compile and shape their recommendations for the Board in June.

I am excited to announce a new tool we are launching this week called Let’s Talk! that will assist our BAC members in creating yet another avenue of communication with the district to ensure all voices are heard. Let’s Talk! is an online communication form where parents, students, staff and community members can share their thoughts regarding the five areas on which the BAC is focusing: needs at the elementary, middle or high school levels; technology needs; and ancillary needs, which include athletics, fine arts, transportation, central administration, instructional services, etc.

The form allows users to select from one of the five areas listed above and submit a question, comment, suggestion, concern or compliment. The LISD School/Community Relations staff will collect all submissions and forward them to the appropriate subcommittee for their consideration. While we will review all submissions, they may or may not receive a personalized response.

If you have thoughts you would like to share with our bond committee, you can find a link to the Let’s Talk! form on the LISD homepage, the bond page, as well as each of our school’s homepages. The form will be open through Friday, May 5.

I will say, once again, how fortunate we are to live in a community that is educated, engaged and invested in our public schools and the bright futures they help build for our children. We look forward to hearing from you about how best to address our district’s present and future needs, and we are grateful for your help supporting the important work our BAC and subcommittees are doing. I know the careful consideration and thought invested by so many now will pay dividends for generations of LISD students and all those who live within our boundaries.