LISD Facilities are Second to None

LISD Facilities are Second to None
Posted on 09/29/2016

Prior to coming to Leander ISD, I served in an urban district, large suburban districts and in a smaller, more rural district. I have traveled to and visited a number of school districts throughout Texas in my roles as a school administrator and as a parent. My experiences have given me the opportunity to see the wide variances in school district facilities across the state and led to me understand that some districts are well-equipped to meet the needs of their students and, unfortunately, others are not.

LISD facilities are some of the most remarkable that I have seen in my career. During my campus tours, which helped me get more acquainted with the buildings and campuses in the district, I was impressed by the high quality of facilities available to our students. Thanks to the thoughtful consideration of our current and previous Boards of Trustees and the support of the community who have passed our bond packages, LISD is in the enviable position to be able to offer our students the superior level of resources, services and support that our community expects.

LISD’s buildings and campuses look great and are clearly well-maintained. They allow ample room for learning, whether it be in the four core subject areas, electives, or career and technical education classes. Our schools have wide hallways that allow students to do small group work outside of the classroom. Our elementary, middle and high schools have library facilities that include space for student collaboration, private study, and technology integration, and many also have 3-D printers and MakerSpaces. Elementary schools have space for fine arts performances. Science labs at the middle and high school levels were built as “superlabs,” meaning that classroom space and lab space are in the same rooms. High school students can get career and technical certifications without leaving their campuses. Fine Arts and athletic programs have space for practices and performances. Other districts are not as well-suited to provide students with such enriching learning opportunities as LISD.

Our facilities are a reflection of our Board of Trustees’ unwavering focus on student learning, which they balance with their commitment to being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Under their leadership, LISD has ensured that our facilities meet the needs of 21st-century learners and are efficient and sustainable over time.

Thankfully, our Board has had the foresight to make design and construction decisions that save the district valuable funds in the long run. The Board also has ensured that district facilities are designed to save costs by minimizing the need for renovations and maintenance. We are very conscious of our energy usage, as well, and I am proud to report that 100 percent of our campuses are Energy Star Qualified.

There is no question that the design of our campuses has changed over the years. The varied layouts of our schools are a reflection of research on how student learning has evolved over time. In response to this, we have modified the configuration of our schools accordingly; however, the core of student learning at every LISD campus is the relationship and exchange of knowledge between students and teachers. The design of our schools does not change the quality of instruction that we provide in our classrooms.

I will expand upon building design, cost-saving measures, and the similarities and variances in facilities in future columns because I believe these topics warrant further attention.

I am proud that LISD has the facilities in place to lead all students to a bright future.