Leander ISD prepares for new school zones with Elementary 27

Leander ISD prepares for new school zones with Elementary 27
Posted on 02/14/2018
Superintendent's Column

Superintendent's Column 

Opening a new school excites a community. We have a naming and mascot selection, a new building and new point of pride for Leander ISD.

With the construction of a new school comes the assigning for families to attend that new school, which can impact kids who more often than not love their current school dearly.

For Leander ISD, we started our school attendance zone process for Elementary School 27 on Feb. 1, 2018, with the school expected to open in August 2019. LISD will build the school in the Larkspur subdivision in the northern-most portion of Leander ISD.

The Board of Trustees is considering two scenarios regarding this change, limited to only two elementary schools, Plain and Pleasant Hill. This adjustment to our attendance zones will not impact middle or high school attendance zones.

Scenario A moves students from Summerly, Larkspur, Grayson, Orchard Ridge, High Gabriel East, High Gabriel West and Bryson from Plain and neighborhoods around County Road 270 north of Hero Way from Pleasant Hill to the new school. This option provides the most relief for Plain and Pleasant Hill by moving 621 students from those schools.

Scenario B moves students only from Plain in the Summerlyn, Larkspur, Grayson and Orchard Ridge neighborhoods. This scenario does not change the zone for as many students because it aligns with the expected 2020 opening of Elementary School 29 in the Bryson subdivision, limiting the number of families who will be rezoned twice in three years. However, this option will see Plain exceed 1,000 students before the opening of ES 29.

The Board will discuss the proposed scenarios on Feb. 15, and LISD will host a public review in March.

Based on my experiences in school and district leadership, I can say LISD has a purposeful and thoughtful process for our boundary changes. LISD starts with data from our third-party demographer, who identifies where the growth will come and how it will impact kids. Then, LISD works with our Board to represent our community before we collect feedback from our families. Finally, we adopt a change in three months, giving over a year to notify families about the update before it goes into effect.

If you have any questions about the change or want to see the two scenarios, please visit www.leanderisd.org/es27.