Leander High School

Leander High School
Posted on 04/13/2017
School Spotlight: Leander High School

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Leander High School




Leander High School

The rich history of the first high school in Leander ISD dates back more than 100 years, when a group of Williamson County citizens formed "The Leander High School Association" and purchased 2.8 acres of land to build a new two-story school.

To accommodate for the area's vast growth, the present-day site of Leander High School was built in 1984. Since then, the building has seen numerous additions. In 2014, a new wing was constructed to hold science classrooms and labs and the school's front offices.

The school proudly displays its mascot - the lion - and the school colors: blue and red.



  5 Questions with
Principal Tiffany Spicer

Q: What's something about yourself that would surprise your students/staff?

A: I had no intentions of being an educator … at all. I think I was in ninth grade. We were riding the bus home and one of my high school classmates swore I was going to be a teacher and I told her I definitely was not going to be one. I told her I was going to be a doctor or a lawyer. Twenty-five years later, I have a heart and passion for teaching and learning. This was the best decision I could ever make - I get to serve students and help them find their profession and calling. I am truly honored and humbled to serve in this profession and see our students flourish.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: For fun, I like to watch movies, read books, and bowl, however, I do not always have time for that as I have to balance my role as a mother to two teenage daughters and their volleyball careers, as well as serve as the PROUD Principal of THE Leander High School.

Q: What was your favorite subject in school?

A: My favorite subject was English. I truly enjoy writing. I enjoyed it growing up in grade school and even in college. As I pursued my masters and doctoral degree, I just wrote. It kind of comes natural to me. I even like to journal in my "free" time.

Q: What is your campus' biggest strength?

A: Leander High School is an absolutely amazing place. The biggest strength of our campus is the people inside. We have THE BEST students, teachers, parents, and community members. When you walk through the doors, you can feel the Pride of the campus as well as the heart of the people. Everyone in the building has the same common goal and focus to impact student success. We all work hard, at every level, to ensure that every student regardless of their demographics can achieve their potential. I can truly say I am honored to be in a family environment such as Leander High School!

Q: Why are you here?

A: Simply put: to serve students! Early in life, I knew I would work with people and serve and support them. Once I became a teacher and started working with students, I knew what I was called to do! I am here to be a role model, I am here to be a leader, I am here to be a voice for those who have no voice, I am here to raise the standard of excellence in everything I do. My hope is that I inspire, encourage, and challenge those around me to accomplish any goal they set for themselves.

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