Bagdad Elementary School

Bagdad Elementary School
Posted on 03/30/2017
School Spotlight: Bagdad Elementary School


Bagdad Elementary School


Bagdad Elementary School

Opened in the fall of 1999, Leander ISD's ninth elementary school - Bagdad Elementary School - carries a proud name and history that dates to the first area school, established in the Bagdad community 145 years ago. While the Bagdad community eventually faded as Leander was founded near the new railroad in the late 1800s, the community's legacy of education carried on. The first LISD school, in fact, was built from the stone of the old Bagdad school!

Realizing that the school would be built within a quarter mile of the old Bagdad community, the LISD Board of Trustees named the campus to honor a community of early Central Texans who placed the education of their children as their highest priority.

The staff and students selected the school's mascot - the Bobcat - and the school colors: blue and white.



5 Questions with
Principal Christine

Q: What's something about yourself that would surprise your students/staff?

A: I am not sure it will surprise my staff, but I am pretty daring and not afraid of heights. Last summer I had the opportunity to skype with my son. What a great experience and would love to try solo some time!

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: I love the outdoors and one of my favorite things to do is to kayak. I haven't tried paddle boarding, but it is next on my list. In the winter, I love to read.

Q: What was your favorite subject in school?

A: Math was my favorite subject in school. To me it was like a puzzle to figure out, and I loved the challenge of higher level problem solving. So at school, I try to promote a growth mindset with all students.

Q: What is your campus' biggest strength?

A: Our campus' biggest strength is how dedicated our staff is to our students and each other. Not only do they work hard every day to ensure their students are growing in their learning, but they go above and beyond to engage, support and challenge the whole child. Our staffs' passion for the success of our students drives them to support each other and work together. That support is what makes it such a family atmosphere and a great place to work and learn.

Q: Why are you here?

A: I am here in Leander because I love the Leander Way which builds relationships and fosters continuous improvement. Working The Leander Way allows me to empower staff and students to realize their full potential as leaders. I am so fortunate to have a job that gives me the opportunity to interact with students daily. Sharing in their excitement of learning is the highlight of my day. I am proud to be the principal at Bagdad.

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