PSAT Commended Students

PSAT Commended Students
Posted on 10/06/2017
PSAT Commended Students

 PSAT Commended Students

Seventy-five Leander ISD seniors were distinguished as Commended Students in the 2018 National Merit Program based on their strong performances on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).

Fourteen Cedar Park High School students were honored: Alexandra Allen, Cameron Bunge, Isaac Cloward, Vince Le, Vanessa Leung, Arnav Mehrotra, Shelby Motz, Christopher Orth, Kinsey Pena, Rithvik Saravanan, Audrey Sears, Ishav Shukla, Jack Si, and Daniel Williamson

Six Leander High School students were honored: Caroline Crone, Kameron Davis, Charles Everson, Cassandra Fernandes, Emmaline Hall, and Xavier Horsey

Six Rouse High School students were honored: Carter Berlind, Noah Davis, Luke Gwin, Nathaniel Northcut, Braden Rocio, and Aneesh Saipalli

Thirty-eight Vandegrift High School students were honored: Kartik Akkihal, Suhas Avirneni, Carson Broe, Adam Busch, Adeline Carter, Kabir Chadha, Christopher Conner, Adriana Cordova, Nicole Dow, Benson Drablos, Nathaniel Edelheit-Rice, Anna Fletcher, Trent Gamel, Anup Guggari, Ashton Gurrola, James Hofstadler, Georgia Holmes, Osorachukwu Ifesinachukwu, Lawrence Johnson, Jaebaek Lee, Autumn Lucas-Marinelli, Dominque Mobley, Garrett Moore, Justin Moore, Isabel Moring, Nicole Parmelee, Andrew Pickard, Madison Poljan, Elizabeth Rice, Nick Rosas, Paige Sadler, Philip Sarkis, Kendall Shields, Griffin Shimkus, Savanna Ullmann, Nolan Ward, Megan Whiting, and Cierra Yudell

Eleven Vista Ridge High School students were honored: Ezekiel Blevins, Harrison Childre, Stefan Debruyn, Morgan Jeitler, Samantha Johnson, Min Song Lee, Carl Miemban, Asha Nagar, Elizabeth Piatt, James Slade, and William Smylie.

“These students have worked hard and demonstrated the ability to perform at a high academic level,” Director of College and Career Readiness Lisa Nucci said. “We are so proud of their accomplishment and excited about their future potential.”

Approximately 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Participants who scored at or above the Commended Student Selection Index score, but below the state’s Semifinalist Selection Index score are Commended Students. Although they will not continue in the 2018 competition for National Merit® Scholarship awards, Commended Students placed among the top 50,000 percent of the more than 1.6 million students who entered the 2018 competition by taking the 2016 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®).

Leander ISD provides the PSAT 8/9 for all eighth- and ninth-graders and the PSAT/NMSQT for all 10th- and 11th-graders on Oct. 11 at no cost to students.  Eleventh-grade students taking the PSAT/NMSQT are eligble for PSAT recognition and scholarship opportunities. College Board’s partnership with Khan Academy provides personalized skill building to prepare for the PSAT.