Board Approves 2018–19 Budget

Board Approves 2018–19 Budget
Posted on 08/24/2018


Trustees approved the general operating budget for 2018–19, which represents a 5.13 percent increase over the fiscal year 2017–18.

Major factors for the increase include the need for additional personnel due to the projected enrollment growth of 987 students, the 2 percent pay increase for personnel, and the increase in the employer contribution to healthcare.

The Board was able to adopt a lower Interest and Sinking (I&S or debt service) tax rate of $0.47 per $100 valuation, while providing funding for the early retirement of debt.  Further, the Board continued the tax rate of $1.04 per $100 valuation for Maintenance and Operations (M&O), equaling a total rate of $1.51.

Budget projections include continued decreases in state effort in the funding of public education, 17 percent for Leander ISD in 2018-19, shifting the burden to local property owners.

The vast majority of the budget includes money supporting student learning, equaling 81 percent of the budget for instructional services, school leadership and student support services. About 19 percent of the budget includes operational support expenses, such as transportation, security, utilities and maintenance/upkeep of buildings.

The Board also approved a food service budget of $13.9 million and debt service budget of $118.2 million to fund voter authorized bonds.