Leander Lazers shine in powerlifting competition

Leander Lazers shine in powerlifting competition
Posted on 11/09/2018
Leander Lazers powerlifters

Leander Lazer powerlifters

The Leander Lazers competed in powerlifting in Round Rock on Saturday, Oct 27. About 70 lifters from Central Texas competed in the event, including four of the Lazer’s own students.

This is the team’s second year competing, with seven weeks worth of training. The athletes trained in the Rouse Fitness room. Powerlifters came from Cedar Park High School, Vista Ridge High School, Glenn High School and Rouse High School.

The Lazers thanked Rouse HS for providing the facility and volunteers, Vandegrift High School for the power suits, volunteer Parker Mathews and coach Scot Williamson.

Leander ISD would like to commend the Powerlifters for the Area 13 Competition:

    Earl Beechum – SELF
    Jonah Mian – CPHS
    Scott Philpott – CPHS
    Blake Fuller – VRHS

Congratulations to the Leander Lazers!

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