The Leander ISD Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members. All school board positions are elected for four-year terms and represent the entire school district. Leander ISD residents who meet the eligibility requirements specified in Board Policy BBA (Legal) may run for any place on the Board. School Board elections are in even numbered years on the November uniform election date.

The next School Board election is scheduled for November 3, 2020, with place numbers 3, 4 and 5 up for election. Once the Secretary of State’s office releases the November 2020 election calendar (anticipated June 2020), this website will be updated with details regarding important election dates and instructions for filing an application for a place on the ballot.

For additional election information, please contact Donna Lincke, LISD Elections Coordinator, by phone at 512-570-0016, by fax at 512-570-0048, or by email at donna.lincke@leanderisd.org.

Campaign Finance Reports

November 2018 Election

Bode, Trish
Bode, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Bode, October 2018 8-Day Report
Bode, October 2018 30-Day Report

Fischer, Mike
Fischer, October 2018 30-Day Report

Glaze, Melissa
Glaze, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Glaze, October 2018 8-Day Report
Glaze, October 2018 30-Day Report

Gonzales-Dholakia, Gloria
Gonzales-Dholakia, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Gonzales-Dholakia, October 2018 8-Day Report
Gonzales-Dholakia, October 2018 30-Day Report
Gonzales-Dholakia, July 2018-July Semiannual Report

Grimes, Elexis
Grimes, July 2019 Semiannual Report
Grimes, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Grimes, October 2018 8-Day Report
Grimes, October 2018 30-Day Report

Hampton, Gary
Hampton, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Hampton, October 2018 8-Day Report
Hampton, October 2018 30-Day Report

Johnson, Aaron
Johnson, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Johnson, October 2018 8-Day Report
Johnson, October 2018 30-Day Report

LaCombe, Sharyn
LaCombe, October 2018 8-Day Report
LaCombe, October 2018 30-Day Report

Mahan, Donnie
Mahan, October 2019 Semiannual and Final Report
Mahan, October 2018 8-Day Report
Mahan, October 2018 30-Day Report

Patton, Bryan
Patton, January 2019 Semiannual and Final Report

November 2016 Election

Barber-Jordan, Grace
Barber-Jordan, October 2016
Barber-Jordan, October 2016 8-Day Report
Barber-Jordan, January 2017

Bundy, Russell
Bundy, October 2016
Bundy, October 2016 8-Day Report
Bundy, January 2017

MacKay, Jim
MacKay, October 2016
MacKay, October 2016 8-Day Report
MacKay, January 2017

Remy, Chistopher
Remy, July 2017
Remy, July 2016
Remy, October 2016 | Remy, October 2016-Amended
Remy, October 2016 8-Day Report
Remy, January 2017

Rowe, Scott
Rowe, October 2016
Rowe, October 2016 8-Day Report
Rowe, December 2016 | Rowe, December 2016-Amended

Waggoner, Pamela
Waggoner, August 2016
Waggoner, October 2016
Waggoner, October 2016 8-Day Report
Waggoner, November 2016