Election Results

The results listed above are "unofficial" results collected from the Williamson County and Travis County election websites. The election results will be official once canvassed on Nov. 17, 2020.

Information for the Candidates

Saturday, July 18, 2020, is the first day candidates may file an application for a place on the ballot for the Nov. 3, 2020 Board of Trustees Election. The deadline to file for a place on the Nov. 3 ballot is Monday, Aug. 17, at 5 p.m. See the Notice of Deadline to File Application for Place on the Ballot (Amended) for more details on how to file your application.

All school board positions are four-year terms and represent the entire school district. All Leander ISD residents who meet the eligibility requirements specified in Board Policy BBA (Legal) may run for any place in the Board of Trustee election. Three positions will be up for election this year:

    Place # 3 - Currently held by Pamela Waggoner
    Place # 4 - Currently held by Grace Barber-Jordan
    Place # 5 - Currently held by Jim MacKay

Notice of Election
Notice of Voting Order Priority
Sample Ballot

Important Election Dates

  • The last day residents may register to vote in the upcoming election is Monday, Oct. 5.
  • Early voting for the LISD Trustee Election begins Tuesday, Oct. 13 and runs through Friday, Oct. 30. Early voting will be held at numerous early voting locations in both Williamson and Travis counties. Early voting sites will be posted when they have been confirmed.
  • Election Day voting will be held from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3.
  • See the 2020 Calendar of Important Election Dates for a more complete list of dates.


Additional Resources for Candidates


For additional election information, please contact Donna Lincke, LISD Elections Coordinator, by phone at 512-570-0016 or by email at donna.lincke@leanderisd.org.

About the Candidates

Candidates for the Nov. 3 election submitted biographical information to Leander ISD for this webpage.

Place 3

Christine Mauer

Christine MauerI am running for Place 3 of the Leander ISD School Board because I believe public education is the cornerstone of a strong society. Every child in our district deserves the opportunity of quality education, which is abundant within our district. I believe that as each family embarks on the educational journey for their children, Leander ISD can provide an amazing place to learn and grow for each child. With the help of teachers, parents, and community members, together we can provide many enriching possibilities.

My family and I moved to Cedar Park in 2004 from San Diego, California and I’m married to the love of my life, Bill. We have four wonderful boys, all of which enjoyed their amazing educational experiences at our Leander ISD schools. My oldest is grown and lives in Round Rock with his wonderful girlfriend. I have a 2020 graduate from Vista Ridge High School who is headed to the University of Texas at Dallas to double major in Physics and Mathematics. I also have a junior at VRHS and my youngest is an eighth-grader at Henry Middle School.

My involvement with many organizations and programs within Leander ISD gives me a unique perspective to be your Trustee for Place 3. I have been an employee, working as an instructional assistant for Resource and Inclusion at Reagan Elementary, a coach, a member and executive board member of the VRHS Band booster club, a PTA member, a GSA Committee member, a LEEF Ambassador for Vista Ridge High School, a substitute teacher, volunteer, and most of all I am a proud parent of 2 graduates and 2 current Leander ISD students. I currently serve as Program Coordinator for the Pentathlon Institute, a non-profit educational organization. Leander ISD has become a destination district for many families in Texas and beyond. Our district is growing exponentially every year and with that comes its own challenges. Through those challenges, I believe that together, we can continue our path as a leader in the state of Texas.

When a student enters the Leander ISD community, it is my goal as your next trustee to ensure that every child is given every opportunity to grow both academically and holistically. Our amazing programs create those necessary opportunities for our young people to grow into well-rounded adults. Education is more than just the basics of reading and writing. Education, in itself, must allow our children to explore their passions and dreams.

Chris Remy

Chris RemyMy three children have been attending LISD schools since my oldest was in second grade. They’re now in 10th, 8th and 6th grades and have all benefited greatly from the exceptional experiences and opportunities we enjoy here in LISD.

My wife Cami and I have been volunteering in LISD schools since our kids first started attending. I have been a WatchDOGS volunteer and served as a campus coordinator for that program. I have completed the Leadership Leander ISD program and was a member of the Bond Advisory Committee. I have been an elementary school PTA President and I’m a middle school PTA President now. I’ve been on several Site Based Planning Committees and I’ve been an Incubator coach. I have volunteered for our District’s educational foundation, LEEF, and have been a campus ambassador. I’ve also been active as a parent advocate at the state level, testifying at the Legislature and State Board of Education and working with our representatives to make sure the voices of parents don’t get lost among the politics and lobbying, especially where academic standards and STAAR are concerned.

I am running to represent ALL of Leander ISD. Trustees hold at-large positions, meaning they don’t represent one part of the district or one neighborhood. They are there to represent ALL taxpayers, parents, teachers and students. I believe that One LISD is more than just a hashtag and that while we may be a large district in geography and population, we are one community.

David "Speedy" Wise

David Wise I am running for Leander ISD School Board trustee because I want to represent the people of Leander ISD and, most importantly, the teachers and other educators within the district. As a former educator, we need to support our educators and show we support them all year – not just during appreciation week.

As a lifelong resident of the LISD and a graduate from the University of Texas and Trinity University, I have seen LISD go from a small-town school district to become one of the state's top school districts. As a parent - all three of my children have been in the LISD school system.

We need to invest in our future, which means we must continue to invest in them. As you next trustee, I will listen to the educators and the parents to ensure we do not lose focus on their goals and dreams.

Place 4

Anna Smith

Anna SmithI am running for Leander ISD School Board Place 4 because I believe the power of public education is only as strong as our commitment to equity and excellence for all students. From preschool to high school graduation, every child in Leander ISD deserves access to the best opportunities and education that we, as a community, can provide. Working together, we can nurture academic achievement and enrichment opportunities for all of our kids.

I am a 4th generation Mexican American and grew up in Rockport, Texas. I married my high school sweetheart Colin and we have 4 children who attend school in LISD. We moved to Leander in 2015 because of the reputation LISD has at providing an excellent education for all students.

When elected, I will advocate for an inclusive, growth-minded culture where all students belong and thrive, and where student well-being is prioritized and supported. Students achieve their maximum potential when they feel secure in their identities and forms of self-expression. When we create a safe school environment that respects and nurtures the whole child, where growth and creativity are encouraged, we equip students for greater success in school and beyond.

I believe the importance of supporting mental health in our schools. As a child, I struggled with depression and it was my middle school Counselor who forever changed my life. Because of her, I would go on to be the first in my family to graduate high school and the first to go to college. Many elementary school campuses have a single counselor, while middle school counselors work with a ratio of over 450 students per counselor. Our Counselors are required to prepare for multiple standardized tests throughout the year and scheduling takes up a LARGE portion of their time that should be devoted to preventative lessons and education rather than crisis intervention which is a reality in our schools. As your Board of Trustee, I will make mental health a priority for our district.

I want to rebuild trust between the community and school board. Through my work as a Volunteer Leader, I have witnessed what we can accomplish when we ensure ALL stakeholders in Leander ISD are seen, heard and valued, but ESPECIALLY when we give a voice to those who have been historically marginalized.

We need leaders who are willing to bring an open mind to every discussion and who are willing to hear from Teachers, Students, Parents and Community Members. I am willing. And I am ready.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson I am an Austin native and third-generation University of Texas Longhorn. I have been married to my wife Leslie for 23 years and together we love parenting our two children. We moved to Leander in 2009 and have enjoyed our partnership with Leander ISD ever since. The care and support shown by the staff of the Pleasant Hill Elementary special needs department was truly life-changing for our family. One of the main factors leading me to run for the School Board is a desire to see future generations of children have access to the same excellent instruction and care that our children have experienced over the last decade.

After graduating from the Honors Business Program at UT, I spent my career working in faith-based nonprofits in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. Over the past 6 years I have worked locally for Austin Bridge Builders Alliance, an organization that connects leaders from the civic, marketplace, faith, and nonprofit sectors. My passion and work is to help seemingly diverse people and organizations discover where they align so that they can work together to create new, sustainable solutions to long-term issues.

The systemic problem of 3rd grade literacy is one long-term issue I helped address from the ground up. As a member of the Education Connection core team for four years, I helped build the Literacy Partner program, which pairs volunteers with young students to improve their reading skills and develop 1 on 1 relationships. Research has shown that literacy by the 3rd grade is key for academic success and lowering drop-out rates. From its humble beginnings, with 45 volunteers reading with students in one school, the program grew to more than 1,200 Literacy Partners reading in 93 schools in 11 school districts around Central Texas.

I believe we can find ways to work across geographic, socio-economic, and political differences to provide a great education for all students, with exemplary educators leading the way and fiscal policies that provide a secure foundation for the future.

Place 5

Jim MacKay

Jim MacKayI am looking forward to beginning my second, and final, term as a member of the Leander ISD Board of Trustees. I want to thank the incredible staff, Administrators, our amazing teachers and an incredibly engaged community for their support of public education. I am thrilled to be serving alongside Dr Bruce Gearing and am looking forward to seeing his vision for our children develop over time. I will continue to advocate for true Equity and Diversity, empowering our teachers, ensuring our students have the opportunity to reach their dreams and I will continue to foster open, honest and effective communication between the District and our communities.

Yours in Service, Jim MacKay - Place 5

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