**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID19 closures, we are not able to provide QUEST-G/T testing this summer. Instead, we will test during the school year, once schools are re- opened. Testing will be done on LISD campuses.

If your student is new to district in grades 6-12, and you want screening for gifted services, please email

If your student is entering in grades K-5, please contact the campus QUEST-G/T teachers once your school has re-opened.

If you have any questions about the Leander ISD Gifted Program, QUEST, or about the testing process, please contact Kathy Wood at

“QUEST” is an acronym for Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents. Leander ISD’s QUEST-G/T Services are designed to meet the needs of identified gifted students who have demonstrated above-average ability in the following two areas of giftedness as defined by the Texas State Plan for the Gifted: 1) high general-intellectual ability at the 95th percentile; and, 2) creative and productive thinking. QUEST-G/T services are available to LISD students in the elementary through high school grades.

QUEST-G/T services are developmental in scope, with the curriculum addressing core content areas through projects and units that cross multiple subject areas. QUEST-G/T students have the opportunity to investigate topics of interest to them in greater depth and complexity. Students expand their abilities to apply critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and research skills through individual and group projects, studies and problem-solving units.


Identified QUEST students in grades K-5 participate weekly in various interdisciplinary, project-based units of study under the direction and facilitation of the campus QUEST-G/T specialists. They also have access to support from the QUEST-G/T teachers through QUEST Lab, as available.

Middle School
In grades 6-8, QUEST-G/T students participate in a daily Pre-AP QUEST Studies class. The QUEST-G/T curriculum is designed to provide challenging learning opportunities through an interdisciplinary project-based curriculum, utilizing Pre-AP and gifted teaching strategies.

student project

High School
In high school, LISD’s QUEST-G/T students may participate in a QUEST-G/T Lab, which is designed to meet individual student's needs and interests, including independent study. QUEST-G/T students are automatically placed in Pre-AP English QUEST classes during ninth and 10th grades. The QUEST-G/T teachers are available for support throughout the high school years. QUEST-G/T students are encouraged to investigate the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Leander and Vandegrift high schools. In addition, Leander ISD students have access to Pre-AP and AP (Advanced Placement) courses, as well as a variety of other special interest courses, throughout their high school experience.

Contact Information
Director of Gifted Services - Kathy Wood