Fine Arts


Fine Arts

LISD Fine Arts students are renowned for giving performances that are significant both for their technical proficiency and artistic excellence. These highly rated programs annually place high numbers of talented students in regional, area, state, and national competitions. Whether your children are interested in art, band, choir, dance and theatre, Leander ISD has outstanding programs at all grade levels including elementary that will educate their minds, stimulate their creativity, and provide them with excitement and self-discipline that will last a lifetime.


The Visual Arts offers students an outlet for creative expression, a foundation in historical and cultural awareness, and an exploration of a variety of medium. LISD roots this program in an introductory art course from which students can continue in media specific directions throughout their educational experience.


  • Provides a foundation for visual imagery
  • Explores the Elements and Principles of Design
  • Teaches methods for artistic expression

Middle School

  • Improves artistic technique
  • Utilizes language of design 
  • Introduces art history     

High School

Students have the opportunity to expand their talent in by providing courses to specialize in a specific medium. Some courses offered on the high school level include:

  • Art I: The general foundation for students to understand various art mediums and styles  
  • Painting II/III/IV: Strengthens students with painting skills 
  • Drawing II/III/IV: Enhances students ability for 2D drawing 
  • Sculpture II/III/IV: Provides students with creative ability for 3D art 
  • Ceramics II/III/IV: Allows students to create 3D art from clay
  • Photography II/III/IV: Visualizes the world through the lends of a students' camera
  • Multimedia: Equips students to use digital mediums for real world jobs  
  • Digital Graphics: Teaches students how to generate art on digital platforms like Photoshop
  • Animation: Produces a love for digital storytelling and has the opportunity to work ing 3D animation 
Band & Color Guard

In LISD, band students learn about and experience the joy of preparing and performing music through a wide variety of rehearsal and performance opportunities. Students develop a mindset of pursuing excellence in both individual and group endeavors in a safe, healthy, and positive environment. Band begins in the sixth grade and continues through high school. If a student has not participated in the sixth grade but is interested in joining the band, check with the middle school director.

Middle School

  • Provide comprehensive instruction in musical skills
  • Foster a better understanding and love of music, and provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become well rounded members of society

High School

  • Marches during football games in the fall
  • Performs in concert band during the second semester 
  • Participate in rigorous competitions such as Bands of America and UIL

Color Guard

Color Guard is a performing ensemble that compliments the marching band production. During the second semester, the Guard enters the Winter Guard season upon learning a choreographed production performed at various venues through that semester.

  • Performs on the football field during the marching band performance
  • Competes in Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC) and/or Winter Guard International (WGI) during the second semester

In LISD, choir is offered beginning in the sixth grade and continues through middle school and all four years in high school. Students are welcome to join at any grade level but are encouraged to join in the sixth grade.

Middle School

  • Students gain musical skills
  • Life-long appreciation of music
  • Have the opportunity to develop individual skills that will help them to be successful throughout their lives

High School

  • Provide students with opportunities to perform a wide variety of music
  • Develop skillful and entertaining student performers and performances
  • Encourage lifelong participation in music and support of all artistic endeavors

LISD dance programs provide a safe environment for students to express themselves creatively through dance. Within each school dance department students may participate in the dance team, which consists of 7th and 8th grade students (middle schools) or sophomore, juniors and seniors (high schools). Dance team recruiting sessions/clinics are typically held in December and in the spring for the following school year.

Middle School

  • Present a comprehensive overview of Dance
  • Prepare students for success in high school dance programs
  • Encourage students to be model members of society by emphasizing dedication, confidence, discipline, and teamwork

High School

  • We encourage the development of dance, personal, and organizational skills through opportunities in and around the community 
  • Perform a dance number on the football field during half time
  • Participate in the annual district iDance performance
Theater Arts

LISD Theatre programs strive to develop and enhance appreciation for the arts, performance experience, and life skills in our students.

Middle School

  • Acquire knowledge of and participate in the art of theatre
  • Understand theatre’s role in culture and society throughout history
  • Appreciate the art of theatre and its collaborative nature with all art forms

High School

Classes are offered to enhance the students learning and appreciation for the art. Classes offered at the high school level include:

  • Theatre Arts I-IV
  • Technical Theatre I-IV
  • Theatre Production I-IV
  • Musical Theatre

In addition, high schools have directors and designers at the helm of each department that produce a minimum of two main stage, full-length, productions each year, one being a full-length musical. Each high school also produces a competitive UIL One-Act play, senior project performances, children’s/elementary performance projects and/or numerous other talent showcases.

Elementary Fine Arts

Performing Arts 

Students will engage and explore the performing arts while building an appreciation for theatre and music. Students will  develop aesthetic and cultural awareness through exploration, leading to creative expression.

Visual Arts

The study of Visual Arts at the elementary level opens paths of exploration in visual imagery. Utilizing the Elements and Principles of Design, each student strives to harness personal imagination and creativity as a lifelong learner.

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